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Chicken Maker
April 29, 2010

A Wattling Penguin and Scrambled Colors

The first image is a Wattling Penguin, made solely to point out my horrible error of mixing up Wattle and Waddle for so long. It's a shame but that mistake is drifting away.
This Second image is Scrambled Colors. To assure that you don't get bored with my colorations I've put this chicken together then mixed the colors all around, even putting the eye color in the background and leaving the eyes blank white.
April 28, 2010

Burning Back

This chicken has a burning back and a strong intensity. The beak is, admittedly a bit off. Still I think this one came out pretty nicely. Sorry to cut the commenary short but I have things need doing.

He's got passion, and a strong look in his eye. Oh right. Yeah, the eye. I'm pissing with how I do eyes. I like the eyebrow on that one.
April 26, 2010

Charts that Flow

When it comes right down to this I think I'd have to say this site can be broken down to some numbers. It's like 50% Burning Passion. 13% Art. 12% Luck. And 20% Fun. . . Oh and Like 5% all about the massive wads of nonexistent cash I'm making with this site.

Also I'm entirely aware that that's a Pie Graph not a flow Chart...

Chicken?-----------(No)-------> You aren't here.
MS Paint?----(No)---->Illustrated?----(No)--->You are not here
|(Yes)                                   |(Yes)
V                                         V
You are at this site <--(Yes)--Commentary? -(No)->You are not here

That's a flow chart.

Took me a few tries to get the flow chart right.

A Lady

This is a lady chicken. You can tell because of the eye mostly, though the gently curves help define its femininity of course. I picked pretty colors and used faded red(okay, pink) for the waddle and comb since it's been a while since I made a chicken that didn't seem masculine. She doesn't really seem all that intense I suppose.
April 24, 2010


In celebration of having more than 50 followes I have drawn a rather massive picture of myself as a chicken with a crown and evil smirk being followed by 50 chickens. Now I realize I have more than 50(You guys are great by the way) but There's no way I'm adding more to this one. Recoloring those 5 10 times was enough.

And special thanks to Melanie for being number 50. (Also your blog looks fun. I'll be checking it out later)

Also this pic is extra thumb-nailed so click it to see the big old version
April 22, 2010

Clean Sweep

Decided I might as well go for the hat trick.

This chicken's coloaration bleeds through into the background leaving him eminating with the majestic energy that, at the core of the image, leaves a violent and passionate force. Even as the chicken seemed to be looking off to the side the anger visible in the eyes leaves a distinct impression on the viewer, leaving them asking the question, "What has happened to this chicken to put him in such a state?"

Chicken Knight

This holy chicken knight is an invincible warrior. With his chicken-sword, the main focus of the piece, and tail feather plume he is a powerful warror. Originally I planned to just make the chicken-sword but the image seemed bare so I added a knight holdign it, then that knight turned into a mighty warrior and well you know how it goes. All of a sudden I knew all about his long and challenging quest to best the mighty Demon Chicken Lord and free the land so that all might live in peace, besides said demon lord. I don't know how I come up with this stuff. At any rate he's got a cool sword, yeah?

Y 4 Purple?

Now, I know you're askin' yourself... Why for is this chicken all purple. The answer is simple. I like purple and he looked good that color. Now, onto more important issues, like his pointiness. This chiken has some high grade pointiness. Just look at all those sharp corners. You throw that at somebody he's gonna notice.
April 18, 2010

Cheery Sharpness

This is the Cheery Sharpness. He isn't Gritty. I think that's all there really is to say in his respect...

I didn't really realize how big I made him though so click it to see the full-sized version
April 16, 2010


This is a chicken with a thickoutline with a green backdrop meant to impress a tree, or possibly a kitten on its viewer. Conceptually it is focused on change. The change and fresh variation within the image bring a new of essential focus to the image.

And on a side note... w00t 40 followers! You guys like doubled recently.
April 14, 2010

Simple Joe

This is Simple Joe.
Simple Joe is a Simple Chicken.
He has Simple Desires.
He Simply Wants his Entire Life.
To be Wonderfully Simple....

Pretty good tale, eh?

I return chickie

Well, I haven't posted in a while, but not for lack of drawing chickens. I've just not had the energy to post something up. Now I'm good to go though and I'll be posting up this backlog I've accumulated on my computer, just as soon as I'm back on my computer.
April 08, 2010

color thrust

Sorry for the delay. I meant to post something on tusday but blogger was still being mean to me. Anyways today I have... something I guess it's a chicken. Kinda scrawly. I think I'm trying to hypnotise you but I can't say for sure. He's clearly got the red and orange thing going for him at any rate.

Ummm.. You want to comment... BLAH! Wait, no. That's vampires. Those hypnotise people, right?
April 04, 2010

Happy Easter, y'all

A bit late in the Easter Night, but I remembered to post this before the day ended and that's what really counts, right.

This chicken is wondering two things. Why does he have to dress as a bunny to deliver colored chicken eggs? And less relevantly who boiled these eggs? It certainly wasn't him. Also I made him pastel.
April 01, 2010


Well, YouTube added Ascii mode to videos which is totally awesome. It's a shame they'll probably take it off. Anyways it made me want to do an ASCII Chicken. I guess having a text-based chicken is sort of like a joke considering my usual MS-Paint focus. It's been a while since I did one of these so forgive the quality.



Came out less awful than I expected. Also I think it makes a good pair with no text, since no text just had the text in the image and this has the image in the text. You see, very succinct.

Also check my Crappy YouTube video. It looks even better in TEXTp (

A Foolish Endevour

Well, it's April Fools and I considered some sort of vague lazy pank but nothing clever cam to me so it was obvious that I had to just not bother with all of that. I couldn't very well just forget the day though so I made a chicken done up like a fool. It seemed like the sensible thing to do when I got down to it, ya know.

Also I noticed that my followers seem to have gotten a boost so I say: Thank You Very Much! Please Continue Your Support! Hut! Hut!