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Chicken Maker
May 31, 2011

[CLOSED]Frozen Synapse Giveaway[CLOSED]

Hey guys. Do any of y'all play a lot of computer games? I'm thinking of picking up Frozen Synapse and may be convinced to give the second copy to one of my many beloved followers or, you know, some guy who randomly came on today and goes "Oh oh! Me! Me!"

Anyways, if you're interested just leave a comment with your eMail address or your Steam ID or something so I can contact you. (This is not on a first come first serve basis. I reserve the right to give it to anyone I randomly choose or possibly no one at all... Though probably someone)

Of course usual comments regarding the picture are welcome as usual. I kinda like how this came out.

On a semi-related note my Steam ID is "chickenmaker" if any of you just wanna say hey.
 Congratulations to Robert , who is the winner. I rolled a dice and he came up.
May 29, 2011


I just drew a standard and somewhat more simplified than usual chicken. Then I turned the black white. That is all.
May 27, 2011


I realize there's a lot of art styles I haven't made a go of... So I need some help here. I suppose I'll just get started. But anything I haven't tried yet(setting aside realism) I'd like to make a go of.

So, here's fauvism. It wasn't a very long lasting style, but it emphasized "painterly qualities and strong colour over the representational or realistic values." This doesn't mean anything and the colors are the strongest. I just went with some brigh powerful colors and build a chicken with 'em. Next style.


Well, I took a week off without planning to. Let me stop that before it becomes a month off, then sporadic updates, then dead site.

After all this site is tough as nails and will survive.
This chicken was the result of me trying to put in some solid effort so that I could make something worth putting on the site. He's been hit and cut but he's still there. He'll always Survive.

Artistically this chicken is an imitation of 3-D cel-shading on a colored 2-D form, which gives the image a distinct impression of depth and dimension. The slightly unbalanced angle combines with the pose of the subject gives a more realistic feeling to the image.
May 22, 2011

Free For Fun

I decided to mix things up and try to do one with an almost entirely different feel to it.

I don't like how it came out...

But I can't think of anything actually wrong with it.

Well, the wattle and comb are two heavy.
May 19, 2011

Mad Scientist

The scientist is buried in the horrible transgressions he's made against the laws of nature. The blood stains his clothes, but it's clear to everyone that he would burst out with some insidious laughter any minute.
May 17, 2011


Here I revisit an old character of mine. His name is Duckington and I've mentioned him once before on this blog. Anyways he was the boss of a big company and kept firing people for no apparent reason.

The original had a transcript that went as follows:

"I've got those files you asked for."
"What do you mean I'm fired?"

Anyways the chicken boss lady is much nicer. You see. He got promoted instead of fired for his minor insignificant work.
May 15, 2011

The Beak 001-003

The Beak is a great force for good 
who walks the path of light in a bloodstained world.

The Fowl Beasts are both his greatest threat and his guise
Okay, here's another project I've decided to start. I'm not sure if this first part is metaphorical or if he is literally walking on a path through blood. I'm pretty sure it's a metaphor I'm using to quickly introduce the hero and his attitudes, because I'm not totally sure how I'd develop a plot line in the former and it's kind of annoying to draw the red on the sides. Though maybe he'll walk into a different sort of world. Actually, yeah. Okay. This isn't a metaphor. Everything is literal.
May 13, 2011

Chicken Blast!

Here I created three superficially chicken-esque abstract representations. The images create a distinct impression of being chickens, but that is likely in part due to the effect of the surrounding collections influence on the appearance of the content. The distinct coloration is consistent with the remainder of the collection and therefore the image feels likes it should match with the remainder. By this logic what I drew here must be a chicken.
May 09, 2011

Looking Fowl: Eye of the Blind

There was a chicken with a Looking Eye, the Eye of The Blind. Colloquially it was known as the Dark Sight to many. To see in the dark was a strange thing. To those using it it was as if everything was glowing green. At least everything the chicken looked at did. When you met its eyes you saw through them, and you saw the light. Useful in the mines, though most people just stuck with nice sensible light sources, like a lantern.

Most of those who used The Eye of the Blind were like the man who had this bird by the neck. He had been in the market during the day, and he knew where the merchant kept this one. And now he was about to succeed in his goal. Well, it wasn't his real goal. Stealing the bird was just helpful. Sure, it took a hand to hold the bird, but compared to a flame it was practically invisible. Well, assuming it didn't make a bunch of noise.

The thief lifted the bird from the cage. It was surprisingly calm. Probably the thing had been trained like that. It was freaking out a bit though. The thief dropped the bird into his hand. He hadn't really thought it through. Maybe if he had some sort of cage... Holding the bird was awkward.

Looking around he didn't see anything he wanted to store the bird in. He looked at it again. Seeing like this was disorienting. He had to work out how to do this. It was damn near impossible to work accurately. He was seeing second-hand.

The next night he stole again, and no one saw any lights. No one saw him. The door was open in the morning, and the gold was missing from the vault. Even those who knew the thief didn't see him the next day. He was as gone as he could be. Certainly nowhere near that town.

The thief lived like a king and the chicken sat in a gilded cage. Well, you couldn't really say it was gilded. It was solid gold, not just some cheap plating. That actually made it rather weak as a cage, but the chicken didn't seem to mind so long as the thief kept it well fed.
May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

There is nothing to this picture beyond what it is. Happy Mother's Day ladies. Also my mom, though I refuse to actually tell her how to get to my website.
May 07, 2011

Looking Fowl: Eye of Time

Eye of Time

Well, it's time for me to start a project, like I said I would. This one will be a series of Vignettes set in a shared universe and possibly a short story or two if any of these characters catch my eye. Anyways , the first few will serve mainly to establish the world, but I don't really want to do a  big chunk of exposition so I'll just sprinkle out the settling as part of the story as I go. The important part is magic chickens.
There was a chicken with a Looking Eye, the Eye of Time. The future is seen in the eye. The past is hidden behind that. And a rather creepy looking man stood between young Stanley and it.

Why some fowl held gained such qualities was anyone's guess. The breeders would tell you all about the carefully maintained bloodlines but who knew how much of that was true. A Looking Eye was a strange thing and not many knew how they worked. They made a creature different though, and somewhat scary. And absurdly valuable

Still, regardless of the amount that was true Stanley needed access to one of these birds. He couldn't remember anything. He had to see what had happened to him in the past. Stanley knew only one thing for certain. In his pocket he had an absurd amount of cash. He didn't want to but he accepted the creepy salesman's price.

He took the bird in his hand and lifted it up. Their Eyes met. His human eyes stared into the Eye of Time.

Stanley saw it all. His orgin. It was clear to him and he regretted knowing it. His lips closed tight together and he dropped the bird he had purchased to the ground. He had seem the bird's past and future. But he only saw it for a moment before it gave him what he wanted. The bird stared at him. Stanley didn't know why but he had an eerie feeling that it knew everything about him.

He supposed there was a reason that they treated the fowl that possessed such things as valued things, rather than livestock. Stanley crouched down and tucked the bird under his arm. It glanced at him again. This would be enough for now. He looked at the salesman then turned and left, without a thought. He didn't want to look at that man any longer.
May 05, 2011

Ghost and Shadow

Why do all ghosts seem to look like the sheet ghost. It doesn't even matter what you looked like before you died. Hell, does it even matter if you're a person. Maybe in the 'verse everything turns into that sorta ghost. 
That chicken certainly did. Now his true form is just a shadow behind the ghost! 

Now, as to what 'verse I'm talking about. I couldn't say. Certainly not the world of "Dual Chicken" or "Shades McCoolguy"... Though maybe "HERO"

Obviously I didn't think this through.

I Should Do More Large Projects?

Now me, I voted for Site Redesign, but apparently the people want that the least and what is wanted is more large projects. So I guess I'll start some more of them. I have a couple in mind so expect them to start soon. And I suppose I'll get back to work on HERO soon too,
May 03, 2011

Spray 3

I love using the spray can. And I like this picture especially. You know, a cool guy who doesn't always stay in the lines. You know, so like a 5 years old boy who can't color. I'll be honest... My inability to color persisted until about 3rd grade. I am happy to say that I can stay in the lines no problem these days, though I haven't colored anything in a while...

I feel like I may have gone off on a slight tangent. Oh well.