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Chicken Maker
May 07, 2011

Looking Fowl: Eye of Time

Eye of Time

Well, it's time for me to start a project, like I said I would. This one will be a series of Vignettes set in a shared universe and possibly a short story or two if any of these characters catch my eye. Anyways , the first few will serve mainly to establish the world, but I don't really want to do a  big chunk of exposition so I'll just sprinkle out the settling as part of the story as I go. The important part is magic chickens.
There was a chicken with a Looking Eye, the Eye of Time. The future is seen in the eye. The past is hidden behind that. And a rather creepy looking man stood between young Stanley and it.

Why some fowl held gained such qualities was anyone's guess. The breeders would tell you all about the carefully maintained bloodlines but who knew how much of that was true. A Looking Eye was a strange thing and not many knew how they worked. They made a creature different though, and somewhat scary. And absurdly valuable

Still, regardless of the amount that was true Stanley needed access to one of these birds. He couldn't remember anything. He had to see what had happened to him in the past. Stanley knew only one thing for certain. In his pocket he had an absurd amount of cash. He didn't want to but he accepted the creepy salesman's price.

He took the bird in his hand and lifted it up. Their Eyes met. His human eyes stared into the Eye of Time.

Stanley saw it all. His orgin. It was clear to him and he regretted knowing it. His lips closed tight together and he dropped the bird he had purchased to the ground. He had seem the bird's past and future. But he only saw it for a moment before it gave him what he wanted. The bird stared at him. Stanley didn't know why but he had an eerie feeling that it knew everything about him.

He supposed there was a reason that they treated the fowl that possessed such things as valued things, rather than livestock. Stanley crouched down and tucked the bird under his arm. It glanced at him again. This would be enough for now. He looked at the salesman then turned and left, without a thought. He didn't want to look at that man any longer.