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Chicken Maker
May 31, 2011

[CLOSED]Frozen Synapse Giveaway[CLOSED]

Hey guys. Do any of y'all play a lot of computer games? I'm thinking of picking up Frozen Synapse and may be convinced to give the second copy to one of my many beloved followers or, you know, some guy who randomly came on today and goes "Oh oh! Me! Me!"

Anyways, if you're interested just leave a comment with your eMail address or your Steam ID or something so I can contact you. (This is not on a first come first serve basis. I reserve the right to give it to anyone I randomly choose or possibly no one at all... Though probably someone)

Of course usual comments regarding the picture are welcome as usual. I kinda like how this came out.

On a semi-related note my Steam ID is "chickenmaker" if any of you just wanna say hey.
 Congratulations to Robert , who is the winner. I rolled a dice and he came up.


  1. Please count me in :)

  2. Please give it to me! my main email is

  3. You can consider me a random person who came in here saying "OOH ME ME", however I think that I like this blog. ^_^

    My email is and my Steam ID is DrPixel. If I end up winning the copy I'd love to play a game or two against you. Frozen Synapse looks like a really great game.

  4. I would be very appreciative if I get your spare.

    IDFinners(at) is my Email should you need it.

  5. Hello ^_^ Guess what? Chicken butt!
    My steamID is MrTwisT007

  6. Awesome, that game looks fun. Steam ID: Delta816

  7. Oh child, I would love it! is my e-mail!

    If you pick me, I will do my best to draw a chicken in MS paint and send it to you! And I haven't drawn anything in quite some time, so that's saying something!

  8. Oooh! Me! 8D
    My email is

  9. Hellooooo there
    (I'm Alli, from New ZEALAND no less!)
    I'm at

    Kia ora!