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Chicken Maker
March 30, 2017


Running is really all anyone can do, but when you come upon something it's up to you if you run away or run towards it.
March 28, 2017

Simple 3D Concept

I've been playing with Unity and Blender and I probably won't actually do anything but I can't not bust out some concept art at you guys. Also all games start with the clouds and green hills.

Well, I'll probably have a 3D figure that I'm not happy with and not show it to you.
March 27, 2017

Bad Singer

Anyone can sing badly if they put their mind to it, but when this cool cat(Chicken) was surrounded he managed to take them all out in just a few notes.

This piece kinda feels like a throwback to my earlier stuff... by which I mean the quality is atrocious and the plot is nonsensical, but I kinda like it.
March 26, 2017

Fenced In

I opted for a more stylized style than usual. I tend to think of it as Western because it reminds me of the Space Chickens from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

I feel like the perspective on the fence is off. The chicken is too big and it is too small. It was meant to be far away, but the lack of detail on the ground makes that impossible to perceive.
March 22, 2017


I drew this up and I wasn't really satisfied with it. Usually at that point I just chuck whatever I had done in the trash and start from scratch, but this time I decided not to do that. Instead I just crammed some more into the picture. Added some effects, tweeked colors, highlights, lowlights, shading. Just generally upped it. I feel pretty good posting this now. It would have been easier to start from scratch.

You can see the original on my Patreon page.
March 17, 2017

8th Anniversary

It's been a long time since I started this website. And now I'm proud to say we're on our 8th anniversary. I don't think any of my dear guests have been with me that long, but I'm always glad to hear from you so drop a comment on the site, Tumblr, Twitter, whatever.

Now, as is our Anniversary/St. Patrick's Day tradition here are some of my favorite chickens of the year... but green.
Son of Rooster Mask
I was a bit reluctant in coloring more than his costume. It looked pretty slick with just the green version of that.
Stealth Shark
Stealth Ace really came back in a big way this year so I had to include one of him. I hope you're looking forward to more of his acing stealth because I intend to make more of it.
Dark Focus
This Green Focus seems less evil and more... alien energy being. That's probably because the greens lend themselves to a glowing style. Also I opted to keep them all on the lighter end of the lime green spectrum. Still fun.

March 15, 2017

End in Space

Striving for years the fowl had faced the endless depths of space. Unfortunately even in the end there were still limits so the fowl faced its end staring into the depth of space.

Why? I dunno. I like the way it looks.
March 05, 2017

Well Groomed

This piece features a more anthropomorphic characteristic in the subject's posture and design than most in the collection, while also featuring an animal-like method of grooming. This contrast helps to set this piece apart from the greater collection.
March 03, 2017

Nintendo Switch

Hey everybody. I bought the new Nintendo Switch so that's been a bit distracting today. It's pretty cool. On the screen, well... There's mountains and hills so that's a bit Zelda-esque (That picture has not exactly aged well.)