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Chicken Maker
September 29, 2011

Space Chicken Logo

I'm apparently playing fantasy football now, so I decided to name my team the Space Chickens. Here's the team logo. It's like my old Space Chicken because it's green, but is otherwise completely different. Of course it's not a full body or anything, since it's a logo.
September 26, 2011

Just A Man

In the past he fought so hard so many times.
Showed the world that he was a true hero.
In the times past he passed into urban legend.
So in the here and now he is just a man.
And that's all he ever really wanted.
September 24, 2011

Reading A Book

I got a new book case from Walmart yesterday. It sits across from my old Bookcase, and I must say... It was way more complicated and hard to put together.

The old one was 4 boards screwed together into a rectangle, with one more board screwed into the middle to keep it stable. And then I had three that sat on some little pegs. This new one's 7 boards put together with a bunch of these crazy latch things and pegs and screws.  And then I had three that sat on some little pegs.  So you know. Some parts are the same.

Also that chicken totally has telekinesis. Or maybe skewered a page with his beak.
September 21, 2011


My latest project idea is PsiChi, Psychic Chicken. Now At first I just started with psychic Chicken, but then I was like, "No wait. Needs some random Greek letters." So I just took the ones that would fill in the beginnings of the two words. Then I scribbled them down and wrote the rest of the word and it became Ψchic Χken. Then I looked at it. I ignored the Greek letters and it still said chicken. So I had no choice but to accept that this was the right choice. (Also you could read it "ΨΧ chicken," though that would be dropping a "k" sound)

It'll be a while before anything really comes of it. Right now the idea's a series of short flash games, but we'll see what it ends up as. I just thought I should share. The chicken may receive a redesign, but I rather like him. Maybe he'll pick up some more accessories or the like.
September 19, 2011

Storm Survivor

The trip was hard on him. As the storm reached its peak he fell. There was no hope that he would survive. But he was saved, rescued from the storm. He was wrapped in a blanket, and had his eye injury treated. Because he is a Survivor.
September 17, 2011

Leaner And Meaner

For this chicken I tried to change the build of the chicken to a leaner variety, rather than my usual barrel chested or more or less round chicken. I feel that it came out rather nicely, though maybe a bit more like a chicken head on a smaller bird's body. What do you think?
September 16, 2011


Promise this isn't some sorta death flail. This is something that got made while I wasn't posting though.
September 15, 2011

I'm Sorry

Yes, right a blog. I haven't said anything in a while. I'm sorry... No, that's not good enough.
You gotta forgive this guy.
September 08, 2011

Chicken Maker: Limited Card Game

Here we present another game designed by yours truly.

If you want to actually play the game I advise you to purchase a pack of Index cards and either attempt your own chicken drawings or paste these ones onto them.(I suggest drawing. It seems funner that way, and you will have a different style than your opponent even though you're no doubt both using Shades McCoolguy.) This game had been haphazardly balanced and play-tested so I suggest that you use the stats and effects listed on the cards here.

Card Explanation

Deck Construction Rules
You assemble your deck of 13 Chicken Maker cards from the Library. You may not use any cards not contained in the library nor can you use more of any given card than is contained in the library.

Play Rules
00) Each Player begins with a Power of 15 and draws five cards
01) If you have cards in your deck draw one card.
02) Place a Chicken face down. This chicken is your Lead.
03) Play any number of supporting Chicken cards, face down.
04) Reveal your Leads
05) At this point you may choose to reveal and activate your supporting Chicken cards.
06) The player whose Lead has the lower modified Attack Score subtracts the opponent's Lead's modified attack score from his Power. In the case of a draw neither side's Power is lowered. If this attack brings your Power below zero then you have lost.
07) Subtract the Cost Number of your Lead and any active support Chicken cards from your Power. If this act brings your Power below zero then you have lost. If both sides drop below zero then the one whose score is more negative loses.
08) Remove all cards from the field and discard them.
09) Return to the Setup Phase.

Rule Clarifications
  • If you do not play a chicken in 02 then you are treated as having a Lead with an attack of 0, and may still play supporting chickens to affect it. 

  1. Shades McCoolGuy(x1) 
  2. Dual Chicken[B](x1)
  3. Dual Chicken[W](x1)   
  4. Cyborg Chicken W(x1)
  5. HERO(x1)  
  6. Chicken Classic(x3)   
  7. Gold Chicken(x1)  
  8. Silver Chicken(x3)  
  9. Alphabet Chickens(x3) 
  10. KungFu Chicken(x1) 
  11. Cyborg Zombie President (x1)
  12. Gritty Sharpness (x1)
  13. Zitty NotCoolguy (x1)
  14. Young Rocker (x1) 
  15. Golden Armor (x2)
  16. Same Chicken (x3)
  17. Mermaid (x3)
  18. Stormcrow the Green (x1) 
  19. Golden Egg (x2)
  20. BRONTOSAURUS!!! (x1)  
It's what shades looks like, as of the end of his second trilogy.

The white one is stupid powerful in his story

But you really need both halves of him to do anything legit

I went with my remake version for the Cyborg Chicken

Yeah, that sound effect is definitely his attack name

This is meant to represent any chicken you like. As long as it doesn't have a specific card.

Direct Damage
Golden Chicken needs an army to be impressive

Any letter you want. Any one at all. 

I just noticed... KungFu Chicken is also KFC

How Presidential

He wins. Period

Zitty NotCoolguy. Not really all that weak despite his lack of cool.

You'd think the power of music would have a cool support effect

The armor does all the real work. Doesn't matter whose using it.

Miles and Miles of the style

It's totally a mermaid

Went with the original Stormcrow instead of my remake version

Emergency escape plan!


Oh yeah. And in case you mistakenly think I did this on a whim... CHALLENGE COMPLETE! Not bad for my 600th post, eh?

Depending on how this goes over I might put out some expansion sets at some point.
September 05, 2011

orange is brown

I wanted to do something with more vibrant colors so I made a chicken without any grays or browns or any of those dull colors. I'll admit I kept the black for the outline though. It's good for breaking colors. Anyways orange is a good brown and the pink backing makes it feel like it might be brown.

Also I'm working on something for my next post and it may be a while before I finish up.
September 01, 2011

Same Chicken Post #7 (Western Style, Realistic Style)

The Same Chicken Project is getting another post!

Making these chickens is relatively simple. It's just a strange shift in proportions combined with the Basic CM Style. The main thing is long neck, big eyes, small beak, round body, head and neck sorta blend together. The Western Style is called that simply because it was inspired by late 90s to early 00s Western Animation in particular that space chicken from the first Courage the Cowardly Dog.
This is what is more or less a Realistic chicken. There's no fancy technique to make making these a simple matter. Because reality is the core this is my Realistic Style. I don't do it often because a) it's hard and b) while it looks nice it's hard to mess with. I mean with the stylized ones I can make a cop or a lawyer or something but putting props on these feels strange.