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Chicken Maker
September 01, 2011

Same Chicken Post #7 (Western Style, Realistic Style)

The Same Chicken Project is getting another post!

Making these chickens is relatively simple. It's just a strange shift in proportions combined with the Basic CM Style. The main thing is long neck, big eyes, small beak, round body, head and neck sorta blend together. The Western Style is called that simply because it was inspired by late 90s to early 00s Western Animation in particular that space chicken from the first Courage the Cowardly Dog.
This is what is more or less a Realistic chicken. There's no fancy technique to make making these a simple matter. Because reality is the core this is my Realistic Style. I don't do it often because a) it's hard and b) while it looks nice it's hard to mess with. I mean with the stylized ones I can make a cop or a lawyer or something but putting props on these feels strange.

1 comment:

  1. The realistic chicken looks realistic, and I understand why you couldn't put crazy props on it, but it's great for showing off different breeds of chickens.