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Chicken Maker
June 30, 2018

SciFi Villain

Have you ever heard of Gundam? Basically every season has a knockoff of Char Anzable, the villain from the original. He wears red and has a cool mask. That's what I was aiming for. With maybe a pinch of Geordi La Forge
June 28, 2018

Earth's Hero

The hero of Earth cannot stay there. A mere hyper chicken has no place in human society. And so the hero left, slowly making his way to the moon, to stand, remaining a silent guardian of the Earth against those who would act against it.
June 27, 2018

SciFi Numbers

I made the green number string for a guy I drew with SciFi goggles.. But I forgot to save that so I grumbled sadly then made a chicken out of numbers.
June 26, 2018


I like baseball. I'm really bad at it. I went to the batting cage today. It's been a while. I reaffirmed my opinion. I'm really bad at it.
June 19, 2018


This chick's mom doesn't get his music or his personal style. Probably because she is a cheerful mother hen. Also that's her guitar.

Is Emo the purple one or is that a different out of date youth subculture? I've forgotten how these work.
June 12, 2018

Flower Hen

Not really sure of my direction, but this one seems about right.
June 09, 2018

Vacation Finger Drawing

I made this using a touch screen. The quality isn't great, but I'm still on vacation, and I like to have at least 2 posts a week.
June 03, 2018


You're watch Sunday Chicken. Coming up next it's the Sunday Chicken II. Only on

Do your best TV announcer voice for that.