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Chicken Maker
August 30, 2011

Two Today

Today I decided to post some of my works in old media, as opposed to my usual digital works. First up is a fine green chicken made of clay. I actually made this quite a while ago out of a few clumps of clay I had laying around. For some reason it just never made it up here until now.
Yes, that is a chess board

This guy totally plays chess.

And second I have a cool chicken on a chalk board. The chalk chicken has a nice feel I think. And I made it using just orange chalk because... Well, I thought it would be fun. Honestly I've made a number of chalk chickens but you guy don't get to see most of those. Anyways I'm mainly posting this because I wanted to erase my chalk board so I could do something else on it and I thought it would be a shame to lose this one.
That's some high class art right there.

Create a chicken in a medium you've never used before, be it physical (like yarn tied around thumbtacks) or software (like an HTML table with different coloured cells) or whatever.  
CHALLENGE COMPLETE!  (How did it take me so long to do this?)
August 27, 2011


I'm looking for a number between 2 and 4. And I'm pretty sure that it's 3.

August 26, 2011

A Twist

In this piece the artist chose to create a distinct twist on his usual style. While still using the heavy and distinct shading the artist chose to use a lighter tone for the shading rather than his usual dark colors. Combining this with the fact that he chose to use a different model for the base leaves this image feeling like something unique as part of the artist's collection.

I'm Back.
August 24, 2011

Cord Broke

My laptop power cord burnt out. Here's a crude and inaccurate picture. A new one has been ordered. Be back later guys.
August 22, 2011

Striped Tie Detective

The Striped Tie Detective has forgotten something. He failed to connect some vital clue, leaving him unsure of who the culprit should be.  He has too many theories, but he knows that in the end it all falls on one man, because there can be only one truth. Suddenly the revelations all connect together. He knows that it was his partner. He'd wanted to ignore the kid. He didn't want to admit that his friend had had anything to do with it. Now, he must solemnly do his duty.
August 20, 2011


A masterfully crafted 2 framing eye of a fine gray chicken. I think the eye came out quite well.
August 19, 2011

The Beak 004 (Canceled)

And he is always victorious!
The Beak is canceled. My apologies to anyone who was waiting for the next part. I forgot what my plans were if I ever had them. I am still going to continue on Hero. Probably soon.


Well, I did the alphabet from A to Z quite some time ago. So now I've decided to go ahead and do the 1-2-3.


Did you know that with Google Adsense you can make pennies a day? I had not been aware and had really thought that it was more like pennies a month. The idea is slightly tempting. I mean maybe I would like to make about 10 bucks a year on this site. That could pay for the domain, after all that 10 dollars is quite the drain. I mean realistically I shouldn't expect more than about 5 dollars if I opted in.

Anyways what do you guys think? Would having a little ad in the side bar be a bother to any of you? I don't know what sort of ads it would try to put up so if I did enable it I might just turn it off myself anyways. I mean it'll probably give me an ad for cheap boneless skinless chicken breasts or the like. Certainly won't notice that we're a rather humorous art site...

And more importantly I like the dollar sign with the chicken inside of it.
August 18, 2011

Red Balloon

It is time to sit down an recall the tale of the red balloon and the sneaky chicken. I would tell it, but I think we all know it by heart.
August 16, 2011

AIM Icons

My apologies friends. Of late my output has been rather abysmal. I'll try to turn that around. And I'll start that off with this slew of picks.

To be more specific these are AIM icons. At least that is my intent with them. I'm not actually sure that people still use AIM though to be honest. I mean I know I haven't used it in quite some time. Regardless the icons are good for whatever. I mean 50x50 is a pretty good size. I could make one of these my avatar on a site or my icon on here even.

Also I got bored and made the 2x2 chicken. It's not very identifiable, but I expected that. This is as small as my chickens gets, since I took that comment as a challenge Ninja Mike.
2x2 fun
August 13, 2011

Super Tiny

This is how small I can get while still being able to tell what I'm doing
Smaller than 3x3 and it's could be anything. Hardly even identifiable as is... Mind, you're going to have a hard time making heads or tails of the image I've posted here...
Yes, there is an image right there
 So I will also include a larger version here too I guess

Well, I might see how well I can do with a 2x2 at some point, but not right now. And if anything it will just be a bonus thing with another picture
August 10, 2011


Favicon Get. Very Tiny Picture, I'll Admit.

August 08, 2011

Love Me

I recently saw someone say, "I don't need people telling me they love me to make me keep posting."

And I can agree with that, but it would be nice to receive some love now and again. So come one and all who see this. Talk words at me. It makes me feel good and it's not like you have to register or have some sort of account. Yep, that's right. For the first time in this site's run I am begging for comments. Let's see how many I get. I'm thinking 5.
August 07, 2011

Fictional Followers

My dear Fictional Followers. You have questioned what I call you and what your title is. I tried to think of a chicken pun but I don't think of you as a pun. That's a bit of a shame but that's not important. You are and always have been my Fictional Followers.

So this is a golden chicken being followed my a gang of lesser silver chickens. I was feeling it so I hope you'll appreciate it. The leader has cooler shades and a fine comb, to remind everyone that he is a leader, guiding his followers to a higher level. This isn't just the blind leading the blind.
August 06, 2011

Chicken Again

More than a week without motion, and now that I do it is a soulless move. There is no enthusiasm in this piece. Forgive me.