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Chicken Maker
August 07, 2011

Fictional Followers

My dear Fictional Followers. You have questioned what I call you and what your title is. I tried to think of a chicken pun but I don't think of you as a pun. That's a bit of a shame but that's not important. You are and always have been my Fictional Followers.

So this is a golden chicken being followed my a gang of lesser silver chickens. I was feeling it so I hope you'll appreciate it. The leader has cooler shades and a fine comb, to remind everyone that he is a leader, guiding his followers to a higher level. This isn't just the blind leading the blind.


  1. Woah...he drew us!

    Western style I might add.

  2. I'm proud to be one of those lesser chickens.

  3. Title missing the R in Followers.
    But yeah, silver chickens. I am one. ;)

  4. I love all of your silver chickens.

    Thanks for the heads up on the typo Nerdfighter.

  5. I feel so valued as a follower. Thank you.

  6. I've not been around long enough to be a silver chicken. I'm just a bronze one (not cool enough to be drawn).

  7. I feel so... powerful! Love ya, and keep chickening onwards!