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Chicken Maker
January 30, 2012


He's blind and the black and white was a conscious decision to extenuate the fact. On a side note he is not a swordsman.
January 28, 2012


Haven't thrown a chicken on a backdrop of fire in a while. So I figured it was time. He's kinda confused.
January 26, 2012

Rainbow Force

This is my new background. I haven't done any rainbow things in a while.Probably should have added some sort of side by side looping in addition to the top-down one.

Also Windows 7 for some strange reason insists on doing JPEG compression for the wallpapers, whereas Vista required BMP which was stupid for a different reason. I'm going to see if there's some way around that.

EDIT: Okay, so I save it as a .BMP then rename it to .JPG and for some inexplicable it works like that. Firefox will apparently also do it with no issue.
January 24, 2012

Cross Chicken

This is one chicken crossed into another chicken. Don't worry I'll be back to MS Paint soon. I just wanted to play with my new toy a bit.
January 22, 2012

Chicken i

I bought the full version of Art Studio on my iPod so I of course immediately drew a chicken. I then realized that I could save a PNG version of it which is great. So here it is. As it turns out the functions works in a poor manner and in fact screenshots the entire display and ignores the dimensions I was working in(128x128) Or maybe I don't know what I'm doing. At any rate this is what I got out of that.
January 18, 2012


I felt left out. Don't worry.  Look Close. We sneaked the chicken in on the down low. Also I really thought the past tense of sneak was snuck but my spell check disagrees.
January 17, 2012

Moa Bird

I started playing Guild Wars again.  I'm not positive that was a good call with school starting back up but I did it so too late to change my mind now. Anyways as such I have celebrated my game playing by making a picture of it's main bird. The Strider. Or Moa Bird as it's inexplicably called after the tutorial area. I, of course, included a chicken on the side. This site is about drawing those after all.
January 15, 2012

Elderly Rich Woman

This is an Elderly Rich Woman who is showing off her theatre stage to some of the new staff. She is very proud of this building and you can see her sparkling with youthful vigor as she talks about it.
January 12, 2012


Troubled by the decision the chicken looks at the questionable change to the site. An ad! Yeah, I decided to use AdSense. Like I said before. I could be making pennies a day! Which is more than twice what this site rakes in as is. So, you know. That's fairly exciting.

Anyways the site news is now out of the way so let's talk about this chicken.

I chose to use darker colors in order to make things seem more serious, which was difficult given the over all simplistic design of the line-art.

Okay, well, I'll see you guys next post. Feel free to leave any comments, complaints, objections, rants or praise.

January 09, 2012

9 Pentagons

This is 9 Pentagons. That's 45 lines!

Questions? Comments?
January 08, 2012


Being so gentle.

Obviously this one is completely trustworthy.

No need to look further
January 06, 2012

Contraption Redux

It was popular, so the Contraption is back for another round. It doesn't need bolts. It's clearly a robot. Nice and shiny. This time it doesn't have an opponent. Did he and the chicken make peace? Probably. The contraption isn't a particularly violent thing, despite his Terminator-esque eye.
January 05, 2012


0 is the only non-positive natural number.
+ Chicken - Chicken = ZERO

I realize now... That zero shouldn't be the end of this project, but the beginning. Sorry for putting off zero for so long. Oh well. PROJECT COMPLETE~!
January 04, 2012

Sunset 2

In this piece I chose to focus on generating a gradient like backdrop to emphasize the dark silhouette I had created. A sunset was the obvious choice for the nature of the gradient, as it often creates a natural shadowing. Moving from grey to red to orange to yellow in small but distinct steps.
January 03, 2012


To clarify Cacti Sand Chicken is the title, because Cactus And Chicken would have a u in it.

The mysterious rogue taking one last glance at civilization as he begins his journey into the desert.
January 02, 2012

Chicken vs Contraption

Chicken versus Contraption is like man versus machine, but since it's chicken instead of man I figured machine needed to start with a C too. Had to flip through the thesaurus to get that one. Well, that's a lie. I used the internet. Still though. So, I need some opinions. That Robot look alright. Wasn't really sure where I was going when I started on it.