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Chicken Maker
September 30, 2012


These two chickens are talking to each other. Exactly like you aren't talking to me. Do you understand? I'm trying to prod y'all into talking to me again as I do periodically. I mean I know if I do it too much you'll just start ignoring me obviously.

Anyways I like the way this one looks.

Western Hero

I haven't done any Wild West things in a while. This is obviously a bandit. You can tell because he actually put the bandana up over his face instead of using it as a sensible neckerchief. So he's not really a hero. That's a complete misnomer.
September 28, 2012

Filled Fan Character Sheet

I got a fan art. It's a filled out Chicken Heroics Character Sheet. Now obviously this guy, goes by the name Cypriss, doesn't know the rules of Chicken Heroics since I haven't released them to anyone but a few people who are helping me with the development. He did suggest that Seeds be a ranged weapon and I have no argument with that.

Now onto the key point. This is just some bad art. Those blank eyes are slightly disorienting. I just feels wide. I don't like the way the beak looks... I like clearer divisions between things. Not sure what I don't like about the comb. Well look, I'm more happy that fan art than I am upset about bad art. I feel like I'm letting you all down by not tearing it apart though... :-(

Looking Up

This one started as a plain boring chicken, but I decided to make it blue, toss some of the black cell-shading I call gritty sharpness on it and throw out the body. Now it's an interesting piece. It is just a tad disorienting.
September 25, 2012

Big Comb

This chicken gazes into the sun. It it a beautiful world and you should all feel fantastic! Thank you.
September 24, 2012

Cool Shades

It's been a while since I busted out a chicken wearing some cool shades so I had to throw one down. This guy is in front of some brickwork since that implies a sort of back alley setting.
September 19, 2012

Character Sheet

I realized today that I haven't posted anything about Chicken Heroics since the end of July, the month I shared its existence with you all. I didn't stop working on it though. It's still going through the development process quite well. I just hadn't wanted to bog down my site with it, though I actually waste quite a bit of time on it.

This is the character sheet for my game. You know, a character sheet actually reveals a lot about a game. For example the fact that the game has Gold, though I guess I just wrote the letter G. You could have assumed that stood for anything.  Also the number of item slots being fixed is on purpose. You can only carry 10 things at a time. I don't like the book-keeping of weights and what have you that some RPG inventories require, and most players ignore, but I also don't like carrying everything and the kitchen sink so a fixed number of item slots seemed good to me.

Also I assume you can doodle, which might be rude, but look. It's not like the portrait has to be some sort of high class piece of fine art. Just needs to send the basic idea of what your guy looks like. I mean the two silhouettes on the sheet are already there to give you an impression of it being about chickens.

Anyways this went through several revisions already, and will probably go through at least a couple more.


I am sick. Sorry for not posting the last couple days... or probably the next couple days.
September 15, 2012


The blind and deaf martial artist chicken has been in training for years. Without further guidance all he can do in continue to practice his kick in the darkness.

In this piece I attempted to work with some perspective to emphasize the kicking leg, but as often happens with such attempts I used enlargement, which makes it look like one giant leg. With no background or shading it was hard to create the illusion of depth in the 2D plane.

That's a Hero?

A hero of legend stands above all others in all attributes. The skills of a god belong to him alone. For some strange reason noone seems to believe him when he says these things, possibly because he wears a cheap jacket and a fake gold medallion rather than plate armor or the like. It's like he's from the wrong setting all together. All of the things he says are true though...

Dark Power

He writhes with dark power. He had fought the darkness for years as a rare hero of light. It is an unfortunate reality that as one fights the darkness one becomes it. Though he is clothed in darkness he still stands by the light as it shines in his eyes.

Let's pick up the pace!
September 10, 2012

Strange Style

This chicken has his own sense of cool. I can't make heads or tails of it myself. Seems heavy on two tone. I mean there's nothing wrong with a neckerchief of course, but that headband is just silly.
September 09, 2012


In this picture two chickens share a meal. What it is I can't say for certain, but it's almost certainly delicious. This picture is set in olden times. You can tell because the one is wearing a breast plate and the other is wearing a cloak. This was conceptualized as part of my game but it didn't look very good in black and white so I went ahead and colored it and added some more bits to it. I think it looks pretty nice.
September 07, 2012

Chicken X

A strong hearted fowl with a powerful scar across his face stands ready to break through the universe. Will he be a true hero?
September 03, 2012

8 in 7 Styles... 800th Post

Sorry for the delay I couldn't seem to come up with anything dramatic for my 800th post. I hadn't realized it was coming up and hadn't prepared.

So we have here eight chickens, because this is post eight hundred. I drew them in 7 styles, though no two are really the same. It was just that I wanted to maintain this basic coloring in all of them, though I did do black and white for the Gritty Sharpness. Also that pixel art one isn't up-scaled. It was kind of a pain to work with that methodology, using the large square brush and making sure it lined up right. Abstract stands out with his lack of eye.

With this resolved I expect to return to my usual pace.