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Chicken Maker
April 30, 2018

Line Art Set

Okay, I said I was making a set of 4 the other day. So far so good. I think I like all 4 of these, but I'm not sure about this first one. It feels a bit too boring, but it's kind of the fundamental Chicken Maker chicken so I'll probably keep it. I need to play with finishes and the like on the coasters still.

April 29, 2018


Sometimes the only choice in life is to run forward, even if it's through trouble, and trust they everything will be alright on the other side...

This seems kind of serious. I'm not having any trouble or anything right now.

Cute Carving.

So, I built one of these shady CNC machines last week. These things are neat, but I have absolutely no practical use for one. Since it's like that I used it for the only sensible purpose, carving chicken drawings in things.
Of course I could have used one of my old pieces randomly. I did a few when I was making sure this thing worked, but I wanted to do something good so I did this new rounder cuter line art. It's adorable obviously

This is a coaster. I'm thinking I'm making a set of 4 or something but so far I just have this one. Maybe I'll set up an etsy or something. I thought about it before, but I have very few actual products to sell.
April 28, 2018


I'm working on something arbitrary, but I haven't been happy with it so far. I'll talk about it tomorrow.
April 21, 2018


I'm not sure if this is someone I would associate with. Seems kind of sketchy.

After drawing this my first though was "How am I supposed to color this?" It worked out pretty well.
April 18, 2018

Get Hype

Alright everybody. Get hype for this fresh new chicken. He's got streaks of hype everywhere and it's all going up from here!

But where is it going up to? Space, perhaps?
April 15, 2018


In this piece the artist chose to forgo their usual clean lines and colors in favor of a more natural and striking style. Each portion was colored with jagged patterns of colors covered by further layers of patterns on top of them. The thick black outline applied on top gives the image a clear and solid form bringing the picture together as a whole. This is somewhat reminiscent of the "Spray style" originally used in Combo Play.
April 11, 2018


He's not quite demonstrating his full wing span in this piece. He's still in the middle of spanning. The Chicken Maker is nowhere near his limits.
April 05, 2018

Cold Spring

It's April. I like in the northern hemisphere. It snowed. I am fairly upset about it, but it's completely unjustified. It basically always snows in April here. I should be used to it.
April 02, 2018


The reign of the ridiculous rabbits didn't last for long. The humble chicken tore through their flag revealing once more the glorious freedom of chickens.

I wanted to do this as an animated GIF, but the last time I did one of those it didn't actually display right so I just went with the middle bit.
April 01, 2018

All Buns

From now on it's all buns all the time.
Happy Easter
Happy April Fools