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Chicken Maker
March 30, 2022


There are so many words for a vague swoosh and I think I've already used most of them for titles. I'm sure I'll think of a good one next time I have some vague squiggles to draw for a background.

March 25, 2022

Small Madness

Largely taken by concepts of confusion and going full coocoo the chicken would have you believe it wasn't a bird at all, but in fact just some sort of rendering of questionable artistic merit. Clearly nonsense. This is the peak of art– I mean a bird.

March 23, 2022

Gray Moon

Check out that vaguely blue nighttime color scheme.

March 22, 2022


Just your basic birb to get this moving again. Look into his beady little eye. So much cruel ambition, or at least vacant thoughtlessness.

March 17, 2022

Green – March 2022 Wallpaper

This month's wallpaper, in keeping with the site anniversary, is green. Thematically we're going with green and stylistically also green. If you have any question, like the artist's motivations or major inspirations for the piece you should be able to safely assume the answer is green. 

Special thanks to my Patreon Supporters. Wildly exceeding my original goal of making pennies a day, you guys rock.

13 Years of Chicken Maker

Today marks the end of our lucky 13th year of content. Going back through this year's pieces I thought a lot of them were older than they are. The site might be stagnated a bit so we should probably start an exciting new project soon, like a coffee table book or something. 

Comment on this, let me know if you have a cool idea or a favorite on here or just want to say it's neat. On the blog, on the Facebook, on the Twitter.

Below we have our annual best-of the year green variants. (Happy St. Patrick's Day) As a bonus I have Bird ala Gameboy, a smaller pixel piece using the already green classic Gameboy palette, which I'm always fond of.

Strong Stance is a bit generic
I never did anything with this Simple Monocolor Character
There's no Question
Doing Pixel Dailies for a month was a fun activity
The Bat is the highpoint in this classic-feeling piece
This is undeniably Iconic
Deep Holler Remake was a special request from a Patreon supporter
Barbarian (sticker) is part of a series that's actually almost done now 
This one is about Dirt. No more messaging
March 14, 2022



Abandon yourself. Forsake form and forsake function. Embrace only the moment of sheer acceleration as you distort away from this reality and into...

Please read this as an Outer Limits narration.

March 13, 2022

Bird Skull

I hate drawing skeleton. Years ago I said never again, but I wanted a skull for an offhand background element in that wallpaper so I had to do some practice and I posted on twitter. And someone said it looked like a car so also with wheels... This is the kind of content the internet likes.

March 12, 2022


Other than the extremely garish colors it seems like a... normal bird? You can probably make an omelette from the glowing green eggs. It might explode if you try to deep-fry it though.

March 07, 2022

Cyborg – February 2022 Wallpaper

This month's wallpaper is a cross between two classic Chicken Maker pieces, Future Imperfect and Cyborg Chicken W. (Both of which had remakes in Future Imperfect Once More and Cyborg Chicken W REMAKER!) Nice to draw from my vast back catalogue on occasion. I've had so many half baked ideas.

Special thanks, as always, to my Patreon supporters. Get over there and give me a dollar?

March 06, 2022


Deep in the code the hacker stared at the falling numbers through its sunglasses. What does it mean, and will it be able to crack the code in time to run some shady crypto scam?
March 02, 2022


This dynamic pose lets you know that this bird means business.