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Chicken Maker
February 28, 2023

Weird Circle – February 2023 Wallpaper

This month we went with the twisting depiction of glowing magic circles, contrasted by a pair of wildly colored pastel fowl. Obviously this is a battle at the edge of a long forgotten dream and if things go wrong the consequences will be far reaching and unknowable.

Personally I'm siding with green. The other one's ideas are all upside down.

Special thanks as always to my Supporters at and

Without your donations I would... probably still randomly be making things on here, but not as often. And we're all having fun so more is better.

February 23, 2023


Lines and Shapes come together to give everyone a unique piece today.

You have the geometric colors and this firm and confident line work. Pleasantly scribbled if you ask me. And you do ask me, because you found this somewhere.

February 14, 2023


Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you spent it with someone you like.

February 11, 2023

Chicken of the Bog

The humble and extremely poisonous Chicken of the Bog mushroom, not to be confused with the more popular Chicken of the Woods, cleverly hides in the swamp, only it's red comb visible. It can be distinguished by it's toadstool shape, distinctive face-like pattern. When trying to distinguish it from similar mushrooms just remember that if the eyes blink you should run away.

Is this one too weird? I just assumed I already had a mushroom of some sort and this is just what came naturally when I tried to make one.

February 09, 2023

Cuppa Ko-Fi

Hey everyone. We have a second platform set up if you want to support and my arbitrary request that you give me a dollar. You can now support me on Ko-fi at

Their belief that they're a tip jar aligns more closely with how I use the service and it provides a straight forward one-time donation rather than exclusively following the subscription model. At some point I might use some of the other features, but not right now.

If I was smart I'd have made this a preview for an exclusive post, rudely covered up by the cup to incentivize people to give me a dollar, but I'm a fool and this is actually just the whole thing. 

If you're already on Patreon the two sites will get the same monthly exclusive posts and Wallpaper WIPs going forward. Change forthcoming for how supporters are displayed on the site but for now it will probably just be a removal of the word "Patreon"

Also repurposing the previously removed tumblr social chicken as Kofi.
February 07, 2023

Green Vines

This piece obviously contains only mundane vines and absolutely no snake.

Picking back up on this monochrome series from the summer we have our Green entry.

February 05, 2023


Obey the empty eyes staring at you. The bird had no mind left, if it ever had one to begin with. Caught within the swirl the only thought that can cross your mind is... "Cock-a-doodle-do it!"

February 01, 2023


Not a soldier, but as a statue it is objectively more solid than any ghost that might be haunting it.