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Chicken Maker
May 31, 2013

Forsaken Sword

The rooster left the blade behind. He had fought his battles and with that there was no need for him to hold it any longer. He'd never been able to swing it anyways, since he didn't have hands and it was way too big.

The Bomb!

Maybe you aren't aware but this site is the bomb! To clarify this point I drew a bomb. Then I drew a chicken on said bomb. Then I put said bomb on this website. Now you know this site is the bomb. Just hasn't exploded yet.
May 29, 2013

Ninja Leap

Bounding from the building the Ninja threw himself through the air. What macabre task did he act on tonight?
May 25, 2013

Little Guy

This little guy is the culmination of all of my skills and abilities up to this point. I mean check him out. For real. Check him out.
May 23, 2013

Work of Confusion

This is not a work of art, but one of confusion.
May 20, 2013


Well a few days ago I did an archive binge and I found that something I made isn't on this site. Well, that's hardly any fun.

A priest twisted by his dark desires and the force that he contracted to gain them. His body was forfeit from the start. As soon as he made the choice he had lost his right to remain a normal chicken. He was a cluckthuloid now, twisted by Cluckthulu's unworldly influence.

Cluckthulu obviously being a chicken version of Cthulhu  though really he's more of a Yog Soggoth than a Cthulhu but that's not nearly as popular and recognizably a thing. He definitely won't be taken out by a boat or any of that nonsense. Well this guy might be though. He's not boat proof at all.
May 18, 2013

Smokin' & Gamblin'

You can tell this guy's the ruffled tough guy type because of 3 factors.
1) The Crinkled Cigarette; They don't make you cool!
2) The Cards; He's almost definitely not playing Magic The Gathering or something. He's a rough tough gambling man!
3) The Gritty Sharpness; I don't think I did a gritty nerdness, but it sounds familiar so maybe I did.
May 16, 2013

Number 1 Best

This is not the number 1 best chicken, nor did I choose one, but I did update the Best of Chicken Maker on the sidebar, and if anyone has any feedback or opinions on it, like your favorite not being on the list, I'll be glad to hear you out on it.

Oh, you want to know about this lady? She won the beauty contest of course. Her nice orange-brown coloration and pretty eyes pretty much secured the crown.

Also I updated the project page for the first time in a year and a half.

Games Page

I do some amateur tabletop game design so I figured I ought to have a page for it on here, especially since I've kind of decided to brand anything I actually release beyond the "I got this game I tossed together in a folder" phase under my ChickenMaker brand/logo. And since I'm calling it Chicken Maker obviously it needs to be on Right now the page includes just the three games I randomly posted on here, but other stuff like Chicken Heroics and a not at all chicken-based card game I'm working on will show up on there at some point.

Here's the banner and the sidebar button. And I suppose also a link, though it's right in the sidebar.

Chicken Heroics is Out!

Chicken Heroics is now out. This is our first for sale project, so I hope some of you will take an interest in it, though I'll admit it's rather niche, being a Tabletop RPG and all. A PDF version of the book is now available on DriveThruRPG (linked here) for the very reasonable price of $3. I suppose I should aim for some absurd number of sales... Let's go for 10 copies!

Experience a new and unique fantasy RPG setting in a world without elves, orcs, and dwarves! Or Humans for that matter.

Hatch a character and enter a world of fowl adventure!

Battle the Cult of Cluckthulu!

Confront a Tyrannosaurus!

You may be a chicken, but you aren't a coward!

With this project finished up I will probably get a proper start on some others I've had on the back burner.
May 15, 2013

Interesting Shades

This chicken is some very interesting shades, like pink and cyan. This, I had decided, is because of its strange and macabre psychic powers. Brain powers make things weird colors, right?
May 13, 2013

Dark Tower

A chicken looks up upon the dark spire. Horrible legend surrounds it, but there is no choice. The chicken is compelled to enter, like a bird to the slaughter. What dark and macabre secrets await?

This was actually originally in the Chicken Heroics book that really is coming out very soon now, but I ended up not using it there and I figure it's still a good picture I can re-purpose for more generic things.
May 12, 2013

Cute Chick

I drew a cute little Baby Chick. Happy Mother's Day.
May 08, 2013

Cool Tommy

This is our best buddy, Cool Tommy. He's not called that for any particular reason. This was a completely arbitrary name choice and plot. He's not really our best buddy at all.
May 07, 2013

How many chickens

How many chickens do you see. I did four on purpose and two more just kinda showed up.
Been a while since I did any straight pencil and paper stuff so I hope you like it.

May 06, 2013


This angular young person has got some pointy eyes. That's all we can really say for sure. That and you know, gold chain.

How about that mask

Check out out. From my smart phone.

May 05, 2013

This Guy

I'm not really sure what this guy's deal is but I think he looks pretty good, don't you agree? I like his sunset shades.