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Chicken Maker
May 18, 2013

Smokin' & Gamblin'

You can tell this guy's the ruffled tough guy type because of 3 factors.
1) The Crinkled Cigarette; They don't make you cool!
2) The Cards; He's almost definitely not playing Magic The Gathering or something. He's a rough tough gambling man!
3) The Gritty Sharpness; I don't think I did a gritty nerdness, but it sounds familiar so maybe I did.


  1. Would not want to run into this guy in... ever. Except in a book? Okay can I maybe use this character? That would be awesome. Can I write you a short story with this character?

    1. I have only 1 requirement. You must send me a copy of this story.

    2. I can do that. I'll try to do that this weekend! I needed a character.

    3. Um, so this story is getting a bit more complicated than I expected, and due to a bunch of things, I won't have it done by at least the end of next month. Sorry. Trust me it will be great.

    4. Right so I'm still quite actively working on that story, but it's getting really complicated and I'm having a lot of fun making it such... I will finish it, promise! But it will take a while. A long while.