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Chicken Maker
April 24, 2022

Ready For Music

Are you ready for the music? Are you ready for the beat? If so you are at the wrong website. Audio is an enemy I dare not face. We only make these MS Paint Chicken drawings.

April 18, 2022

Looking Up

Things are looking up, not that they ever aren't. I, for one, am feeling fantastic. Sky is blue. Grass is green and I'm walking with my head held high. Usually my vague ramblings tend toward getting past the hard times because it's a more interesting narrative to ramble about than "Life is Good!" but we all deserve some much needed positivity.

April 17, 2022

Forest Egg

The festive hen wearing colorful rabbit ears watches the mysterious forest egg as it starts to hatch. Would it be malevolent or heaven-sent? Would it be a bird or a bunny?

Happy Easter. I hope you're all enjoying the spring holiday.

April 15, 2022

Rolling Hills

A simple fowl just living among the rolling hills.

Been busy with other stuff, but we'll have some more fun Chicken Maker content soon.

April 09, 2022

Spray Flip

Just trying to do something a bit more aesthetic for this one. We used only an 8 color "orange" palette for the colors, including white, though it's really more on the brown side. The flecks of white showing through the background design give an unpolished finish to the piece. 

This is a 9:16 aspect ratio so theoretically it works as a phone background but it's probably too small in practice.

April 06, 2022


Do business. Wear a tie. Stand on your hay. Fill the sky with green. Tiny thoughtless eyes, like you're just a random bird. Where did you even get a tie?

April 01, 2022

Recipe: Roast Cornish Hen

A while back I decided to make a couple of roasted cornish hens, which are like chickens but smaller. The preparation is straight forward much like any other full roast bird, simply placing the thawed, trussed and seasoned-to-taste bird in a lightly oiled baking dish, putting it in an over preheated to 350F for around one hour until fully cooked, occasionally ladling the juices from the pan on top to prevent burning.

I chose to garnish with skewered and roasted cherry tomatoes, which cooked quickly in a separate tray in the oven, preferably until lightly charred and ready to burst in your mouth. The iceberg lettuce and bit of cheese salad on the side provided some much needed texture to the dish.