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Chicken Maker
December 31, 2022

Sonic the Chicken

All of the core Sonic aspects are here.

  • Being Blue
  • Runs Fast
  • Hedgehog Chicken
  • Cocky Grin
  • Fights Ancient Gods
  • Collects Rings
  • Only Flies Sometimes
  • Loops-de-loops
  • Spindash?

The latest Sonic game was fun, but pretty janky. This is in line with most Sonic games, but it had something that really rekindled my childhood excitement of playing them.

December 28, 2022


This is what chicken maker could have been, if only I had the drive to know what, exactly, this is.

Thematically it's somewhere between a comic page and 90s video game instruction booklet.

December 25, 2022

Traditional Christmas End

Following the most traditional ways we end our winter holiday with the most traditional ending. The Christmas Fowl flies across the red sky of dusk on it's golden star, leaving behind the green light of spring.

Snow Chicken

 The dreadful snow chicken raises his army or deadly snow men.

Christmas Horror has always been one of the strangest genres to me. The dissonance between Christmas cheer and and gory violence is just something that's hard to look away from.

Santa Hat 2

Santa's Hat, a wonder to be sure. Who knew it would fit on a tiny little chicken.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Winter Trees

 Snow. Trees covered in snow. Dark skies. And a bird with a shining nose flying across the sky.

Normally birds flying isn't particularly notable, but this was a chicken.

December 22, 2022



You may have doubts when it comes to things.

That's just your lack of arrogance speaking. You shouldn't doubt things except, of course, the things you're wrong about.

Just arrogantly say it. If you're wrong someone on the internet will tell you so, and with your newfound arrogance you can just call them dumb.


Anyways this website is the best internet. 

If only we had regularly scheduled updates instead of our reliable (?) posting schedule.

December 17, 2022

Still Standing

The last week has been a bit hectic on my end and we're coming into the holidays, but I'm still standing and we a brand new chicken here for you to look at. It's a pretty one, yeah? Tried something different in the eye, but I think I still need to work on that.
December 10, 2022


Just a friendly handyman carrying his ladder over to the old bird's coop. Definitely not a criminal.

December 06, 2022


The source of the strange drawing on the ground was unknown, but one thing was obvious. It was graffiti of a chicken, or a graficken as they're sometimes known.

December 02, 2022


Of course the chicken's neck isn't crooked. It is the world itself that has become twisted.