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Chicken Maker
June 21, 2021


Chicken Hood carefully trained his stance and position. The legendary thief who robbed from the cook and gave to the flock. To truly match the songbird he shared a namesake with though he would need to master the bow. But could you really even draw a bow with wings? Should he use his feet instead?

June 17, 2021

Cast Into the Pit

The clergy cried out in righteous anger as they cast the fowl beast into the pit. The farmer continued to be upset as his plans had involved casting it into a stock pot. The chicken felt conflicted because it was thrown into a crevasse, which was probably still better than being soup.

June 15, 2021


This one is more cartoon-ish than usual. I'm not quite sure what I mean by that, but this design would, perhaps, be fine with a Sunday morning comic strip running away from the lasagna cat.
June 12, 2021

Sky Platforms

The humble floating platform, high in the sky, with dirt and grass. This is the staple of 2D platform video games. In 3D or vague isometric is seems a bit strange though. I guess it's always strange really. Dirt shouldn't float. Wooden platforms or something would make way more sense.

The masked gray chicken isn't some sort of black and white look for contrast. It's just how the energetic bird jumping through the sky looks.

June 10, 2021

Defeat – May 2021 Wallpaper

I was thinking I didn't get very much interaction on this one. It's weird so I figured I would get a comment somewhere. That was because I didn't actually post it. I made several similar fantasy cliff wallpapers and this isn't my favorite one, but I like it. 

Our brave birds arrive to face off against the beaked beast. Its eye staring down at them they could only strive to hold it off, but no crowing champion raised their might and in truth defeat was inevitable against such an opponent.

Special Thanks to my Patreon Supporters. Without them I wouldn't have such regular wallpapers.

June 10, 2021

Starry Witch

A witch-ish chicken in front of a starry sky.

I feel asleep when I got home and woke up in the middle of the night so excuse the strange posting time.

June 06, 2021

Dramatic Cut

An eggquisite peck strikes through the air. The sky splits with a rooster's crow and the fowl beast is defeated. 

I'm out of practice on my bad chicken puns but they're like riding a bike, especially the egg ones.
June 02, 2021

Dot Eyes

The pinhole like eyes stare into your soul. The chicken looks straight at you. Preparing for the chicken's attack... Nothing happens. It is, in fact, a mundane bird.

May 31, 2021

Chicken (Pixel Dailies)

I've been thinking about participating in "Pixel Dailies" for a while now since I think it's neat, but I put it off. The theme today was "Chicken" though so I figured I don't have much of a choice. Any non-chicken ones will just be on my twitter, though I doubt I'll keep it up for more than a week or two.

For style I'm doing 32x32 1-Bit because I think it looks nice and I want to get some practice on it.
May 29, 2021

Standing Desk

I have a fancy electric standing desk at home now. I've wanted one for a while because I've used them at work and I stand a fair amount there. It was a pain to build but now that I'm using it I feel good about the whole thing.

Why am I sharing this? Well there's a post on this site that was about me building a bookcase forever ago and I fondly recall someone I shared the site with questioning that being a valid post topic. Yes, of course it is.