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Chicken Maker
July 22, 2024

Splash BG

The whole world is really just a splash of color to give your life context.

July 16, 2024

Suddenly Cowboy

What if you used to be a normal barnyard fowl, but then in a sudden rain of black sparks you gained a cowboy hat and revolver. Could you step up? Could you just suddenly be a cowboy?

July 14, 2024

Anything is a Chicken

With my well-honed mind any random set of shapes and blobs is a chicken... Though that top right one is quite the stretch. It might actually not be a chicken no matter how I twist my head.

Maybe I should have locked in on that having a schedule idea, even if I don't strictly stick to it.
July 06, 2024

Full of Energy

Wake up, ready for the day. 

Next up is breakfast. Lay your own eggs, I don't care.

Live a life full of energy!

July 04, 2024


Happy America everyone. 

I've honestly done this exact thing too many times. Nothing else feels like a better 4th of July picture though.

June 30, 2024

Blocky – June 2024 Wallpaper

I hate fake pixels. That is to say if you're going for that old video game look you should just actually make all of your pixels the same size and draw them on a grid. they shouldn't get bigger or scale or skew...

This is kind of that through. This is a chicken make of inconsistently sized blocks in a way that kind of upsets me. His blue sky world is being eroded by the purple-black darkness. It's not a metaphor. This is just moving into more of a weird horror video space.

This month's wallpaper is brought to you, as always, by my Patreon. Thanks you for your support.

June 27, 2024

Head in the Clouds

Sometimes my imagination is just a wild place to be. You shouldn't do it all the time, but there's nothing wrong with having your head in the clouds for while.

Anyways it's cute so it's fine.

June 24, 2024


Coming right at you like an exploding balloon we got a chicken from out of this world. Alien? Robot? Cartoon man? No, of course not. It was purely metaphorical.

June 23, 2024

Mountain Vacation

I had a nice vacation in the American West. Mountains are beautiful, but it feels weird not to see the horizon when I look out in the distance.

I assumed I would have more time doing nothing and would naturally have the chance to make a chicken, but I was mistaken. Satisfying vacation, but I should have made this post on Thursday if I'm trying to have a schedule...

June 17, 2024

Blocky Chicken


That's one blocky bird. Rising strongly in the desert heat this chicken is ready... To pass out.