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Chicken Maker
June 28, 2022


Awkwardly rotating is the most important swoosh. 

These vibrant blue-green shades always just feel like ghosts to me, but they can be an excessive motion instead I guess.

June 23, 2022

Wide Duel

The chickens saw each other from across the field.

June 21, 2022


The sky, so broad and blue, supports the countless visions of your imagination. The vague forms catch your eye and you perceive something that's hardly there at all. 

There probably isn't even a chicken in this drawing.
June 20, 2022

Rainbow Line

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. That's the 7 colors of the rainbow. But Indigo and Violet being different colors is too much effort so we just use pink. Sometimes I add Cyan, but that's just because it's nice and vibrant on screen.
June 14, 2022


Thick, hearty eyebrows, just like birds are supposed to have. 

I meant this to remind you of Ryu from Street Fighter, but I might have landed closer to Kenshiro.

June 09, 2022

Flawless Dodge

From above, below, left and right. Twist, contort and move. The flawless dodge as you pass through danger. I think the slight red-blue distortion helps sell the motion.

June 08, 2022

Just Move

Just move.

Stop slacking off.

Unless you feel like it.

Going back to sleep now.

June 04, 2022

The Copy

The bird and the copy stared at one another, but it was a challenging puzzle. Was he the original or the copy? Others said it was obvious which was the real one, but they hadn't managed to figure it out yet. They were clearly identical.

June 03, 2022


I've been retagging literally everything on the site. You may have noticed for example that MS Paint is now #mspaint. It's been very tedious, but I want you to be able to find all of the lightning or cowboy chickens at a single click. Or at the very least I would like to be able to find them.

Still working on it to add some more fun tags so you can find things more easily, but there are more than 2000 on the site, so it will probably take a while to get them totally filled out.

Also this hopefully makes tags correctly on twitter now, but I won't know for sure until I post this.

EDIT: It does.

June 02, 2022

Silhouette Kill

Stealth and blood. A single strike to the head with the spur of the chicken's leg and blood sprays.

The moment reaches a climax and we get a stylistic transition to the next scene.

June 01, 2022


This is the face of mild confusion and perhaps and upset stomach.

I need to switch to some more dynamic content. Maybe a gaudy fantasy theme or something.