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Chicken Maker
September 20, 2015


The gap between this reality and the next is the place where dreamers go to die and the brave die to go.

This piece is pleasantly pastel, in contrast to those words I just wrote.

Fowl Flavor Soda

All I have to say is... I don't even wanna know what chicken flavored soda would taste like, but I assume like carbonated chicken broth? Gross.
September 14, 2015


Today's piece started out a lot more generic than it ended up being. At first I just wanted a knight riding a chicken, so, obviously I drew that. Then I thought it might be cool to add an enemy like a slime in, so I drew that. I was looking and it occurred to me that that was clearly a killer onion, so I colored it as one, then that normal knight sword seemed boring. So it obviously turned into a giant butcher knife. Well at that point it seemed obvious that there should be a carrot too... I did put a standard field in as the background though. This is obviously a normal JRPG battle after all!
September 13, 2015

Angel & Devil

This is Angel. An adorable picture of a white fluffy chicken with a halo backed by clouds. It's cute. I should do the sparkly anime eyes more often.
This is Devil. An angrier and pointier fowl than the Angel. I tried to maintain the cute cuddliness but the mean-ness kind of overwrote it. I just don't have my Ebil style down pat just yet.
September 03, 2015



bwomp... broomp broomp broo. Boo chi-ka-chk BWOMP! BWOMP! BWOMP!
September 02, 2015

Pixel Animator

I have been experimenting with some mobile apps so that I can generate content on my android phone. Most of are really awful.