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Chicken Maker
March 31, 2013


A chicken-rabbit just seems like a good choice for Easter. I even gave it a nice pink pastel color. I considered something with peeps but... Well, Happy Easter.
March 28, 2013

A Chicken

A chicken walked across a long and lonely road. Also I just saw you commenting on that Rock Anon. You'd best have something insightful to say about this one. I mean I even gave you a good response to offer thanks to the words.

EDIT: The anon didn't say what I hoped he would, which is that walking across a long and lonely road isn't as bad as walking down one.

Space Helmet Colors

Someone asked "Why are the goggles on those things always green?" Since it was asked I have to answer... The Space Helmet comes in a variety of colors

Natural Rock Drawing

I took a rock and I drew on it with another rock. Please be amazed.
I apologize to anyone who saw this before I updated it, since the blogger app apparently doesn't like uploading pictures.
March 24, 2013

Space Helmet

This rooster is wearing a crazy metal helmet. I call it the Space Helmet, but I kind of think of it as some sort of Cyber Space Helmet instead.
March 21, 2013

Wine and Crown

A wealthy king of chickens swirls his wine before him.
March 17, 2013

4 Years Running

As per usual we have reached St. Patrick's Day and with it the site's anniversary. Today makes 4 years running with pretty regular updates, which is pretty impressive for a random internet site. We're not even like a fan site to something on GeoCities or something. We're just a random blog on the Blogger. Definitely the coolest one though. Now spread out and tell all your friends about this site.

As is tradition I have taken a few of my favorites from the past year and painted them green.
When everything is Green the Stealth Ace has mastered Stealth

You would think It would have a story now that it's green.

I almost left that picture blue.

March 15, 2013

Shadow and Ghost Better

Someone said I never seemed to repeat myself. Thank you for that  I really try not to. But this time as a special decision I decided to find Something Old and make a newer better version. A ghost with the faded shadow of his former self seeming to emanate from his form.
March 14, 2013


A children's toy in the form of a chicken. I was actually thinking more along the lines of Tin Soldier than Doll but I couldn't think of that when I was drawing it so Doll it is.


Da Band's drummer may be the 3rd or 4th best chicken drummer in the country. Um... I feel like I should be able to come up with a good pun off drumsticks but it's not coming to me.

On that note I'm slightly disappointed that you can't see the "BAND" part of the logo. I put a fair chunk of effort in on that.
March 12, 2013

RPG: Paper Miniature Photos

One of the niftier things I ended up doing as I made my game was paper miniatures, the prototype of which I showed previously. Now at that time It was a simple chicken with a base. I've made a few changes to that, but I'm not going to post up a sheet of them to show it off. Instead I printed them out, folded them up and snapped a couple of pictures. Well, they were make in MS Paint so I can probably get away with my MS Paint tag.
Assorted pile of minis
A Mysterious Cloaked Figure attacks with a pair of bandits


The gardener had put everything of himself into the garden. His effort and energy and even his colors were used to make the flowers bloom brightly.
March 06, 2013


The disease had festered for years. More dangerous than the vague Bird Flu, the Chicken Flu had claimed dozens. This fowl fellow stood at the precipice. He was extremely confused. It was the only symptom of the disease before the maniacal clucking struck. Cluck... CLUCK! CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK!!!!

Backless hospital gown... Actually pretty convenient to draw on a chicken.

Sail Thru Blue

The chicken masked in darkness sails down the wire throwing eggs at his most dreaded foes in the land of blue. 'Tis truly the strangest land there is.