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Chicken Maker
April 30, 2013

Dark Cut

This is a back and white chicken with half the image inverted over a line. Now, in retrospect I could easily have had the computer do this, but I actually painted half the white back when drew this chicken on with the other color.

Young Boy

The Young Boy is an exciting young chick. Each day he puts on his cap and goes out to play catch, four square, and peck-ball.
April 24, 2013


How have I not done something as simple and obvious as a clown. Someone said, "Do a rainbow wig." I said, "I already did." Then I looked and that was a lie, but now if this comes up again it isn't.
April 23, 2013

Cool Hat

The rooster was well known for his Cool Hat throughout the world. In the end it was unavoidable that he won a Nobel Prize for it in the end. Yes, I know I didn't bother to actually draw a face on the Prize. I just thought a circle would do. Also it wasn't a Nobel Prize when I drew it.
April 21, 2013

Tree Monster's Very Own Page

This is the Tree Monster's very own page which I promised him. Wasn't entirely sure how I was going to grant that promise, but then it came to me and here we are. I apologize, but I matched the shade by eye so it may be just slightly off from your original, but I mean the chicken bits go that too so I guess it can't be helped.

Tree Monster of Ideas of a Tree Monster fame. His real name is apparently Shady. I like the caliber of his doodle. Also he is apparently a teenage girl, so I think I should apologize for calling her him. The monster just seemed so masculine I assumed. This is a gift to you I guess.
April 18, 2013

Terry (Post #900)

Terry the Pterodactyl is by far my favorite random thing I did on this site before I was able to consistently art. As such I decided a remake of it would be an appropriate 900th post. Whoo! 900 posts! Anyways I've decided that Terry is definitely not an alien and is a baby pterodactyl who was raised by the the chickens who found him way back when.The two chickens are very proud of all of their chicks, including Terry.

Plot 1a

Welcome to our new series in which I randomly cross over some chicken from forever ago. In this issue I feature a True Hero, the Contraption, and the chicken from You Gotta Get to The Other Side. What will happen when they meet in the middle of the sidewalk? Find out next time.

Also taking requests if you have any chickens you would particularly like me to feature in this series.
April 14, 2013

Gold Bands

A fine feathered gentleman with a gold necklace and winglet. A bracelet for a wing is a winglet, right?
April 10, 2013

Light Speed

The Hero, Light Speed, had many chickens who looked up to him. As he looked at the data on his suit he looked up to it. When he wasn't wearing that he seemed like a weakling to himself. It was crazy how much that outfit could change things for him. When he was wearing it all he could be was a hero.

Oh, I don't post anything for one week... I'll make it up to you guys.
April 02, 2013


Ahem, I have properly scrawked at all of you to make sure it's clear that April Fools is just that. For this chicken I chose to forgo the usual comb and wattle. I mean all chickens don't have those. I just draw them in because they are one of the distinct characteristics of them. I mean how else should you know this isn't a random bird. I mean, putting aside the site it's on.
April 01, 2013

April Fools: Final Post

Well, we ran for a little more than 4 years and that's pretty good for a little site like this. We didn't really make it big but... Well I've had a pretty cool set of followers. I'm too busy to make stuff for this site anymore and I always complain when sites shut down without saying anything so this will be my saying something.

This is our Final Post. Goodbye. The domain will stay up for a long while since it's renewed yearly. After that I suppose the site will still be on blogspot.  I hope you'll occasionally get nostalgic and come visit or something.

EDIT: Of course this is nothing but an April Fools Joke, though at this point I kind of feel like when we do inevitably close I might just do it on April Fools so I can claim I was lying if I regret it.