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Chicken Maker
April 02, 2013


Ahem, I have properly scrawked at all of you to make sure it's clear that April Fools is just that. For this chicken I chose to forgo the usual comb and wattle. I mean all chickens don't have those. I just draw them in because they are one of the distinct characteristics of them. I mean how else should you know this isn't a random bird. I mean, putting aside the site it's on.


  1. Have you done any other birds? A chickenhawk would totally be not cheating. You could do a fox dressed up like a chicken. It's been a while since I read the archives so you may already have done that.

  2. I don't have a fox dressed like a chicken... but I do have a wolf in chicken's clothing. It's in the challenges. I absolutely ignored those instructions since I made it a wolf in a specific chicken's scarf and hat.

  3. See, now I'm wondering if your April Fool joke was really a joke, since there haven't been any new chickens...