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Chicken Maker
October 28, 2011


This guy is slick. You can tell because he jelled down his comb and wattle. I made him because I figured I may as well balance out the out of control combs I've had lately.

Also what do you think of that little green muffler thing.

Google Docs Drawing

I was messing about on the computer and I noticed that the Google Docs had a drawings thing, and well, who am I to pass up Google's art program. I was initially confused by the lack of pen, but it had line so I dealt with it. Only after finishing did I notice the "scribble" option, so maybe I'll put out another of these at some point in the future. Also check out that tie.
October 23, 2011

Gay Chicken

Two manly chickens draw closer to one another. Neither willing to budge. After all the one who backed off was a wimp. And if neither backed off then they were making out. I blame Manly Men Doing Manly Things for putting this stupid 'game' on my mind. Anyways the word "Chicken" was in it so it was a bit hard to tell myself not to do it. Though I definitely have to have two chickens driving off a cliff.
October 22, 2011


3... 2... 1... 4...

Wait, no, that's not how you count down to blast off.

October 19, 2011

Rest of Grit

I'm sorry. This picture is just an excuse for the terrible titular pun.

ArtStudio Lite

Pretty good except it's a bit too feature heavy for me. The opposite of my earlier problem. The inability to save in a lossless format is intrinsic to the iPod so it is unlikely I'll get around that. This is pretty much Photoshop caliber as far as the program goes.
Also, if I do find one of these that I actually like I'll probably need to make an extra tag for it specifically.
October 16, 2011

Draw 4 Free

I have an iPod so I want to draw on it as well as my computer. So I will be trying out some apps. First draw 4 free.

It's not bad, but could use some features besides variable size pencil with rather limited color options.
October 14, 2011


I made a princess, by which I mean I made a lady chicken wearing some pink. Feel impressed. It is the request of royalty.


Like I said. I wanted the next picture to be happy, but for some reason my attempts to draw happy turned into scrawling images that make no sense. So here's a cute guy jumping in front of a rainbow. Pretty much as generically happy as you can get I'd say. Well, without involving princesses and small children and what have you.
October 08, 2011


He has been drained of all life. If he ever regains himself he still won't be more than a shell of his former self.

A mockery of life floating in the wind.

I've had enough over dramatic bits. The next one will be bright and... fluffy.
October 04, 2011

Peering Out from the Darkness

Peering out from the darkness, he is a hidden warrior of infinite prowess. You have seen him once and will likely never see his face again.

And if I could get this thing to display animated GIFs you really would only see him for a moment.
October 02, 2011

Spiral of Despair

Falling into an endless spiral of despair. The darkness rises and there is no hope of a recovery. With each shimmer of hope leading only to more despair. Each uncertain motion leading to more despair. Each step up a fall down.  But still, his eyes shine bright.