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Chicken Maker
March 31, 2018

March Wallpaper - Off to Adventure.

This has gone through a few versions and I started it in February. A brave bird looks out. Will he choose a path of good or evil? Law or Chaos? For the full size version download it from Patreon.
March 30, 2018


Hello and welcome to Making a Chicken with the Chicken Maker. To show the forward momentum in the picture I applied dark horizontal shading on the top and bottom of each section. In addition the streak widening from the front to the back gives the impression of speed.
March 27, 2018

Bird Shades

This is a slick bird with cool shades. I put a lot of effort into something else earlier today... but I didn't save and it crashed. Very sad. Failed to recreate it.
March 20, 2018

Half Fried Survivor

A brave survivor of the kitchen wars. He was out of the frying pan. He'd even escaped the fire. Now he had reached the floor. It would all be up from here.
March 18, 2018

9th Green

Hey everybody. I counted wrong. This isn't a best of last year, but a 9th green piece I arbitrarily made... since that was 8 in the last post.

I also really like this one. It might get a sequel. Just thought I should include a 9th.
March 17, 2018

9 Years of Chicken Maker

So, in celebration of St. Patrick's Day and this excellent website's 9th anniversary here is a selection of my favorites from the past year, but green this time, as is the yearly post.
Gem King
The Background is red for contrast
Bamboo Chicken
The green version is clearly no longer balanced over the water.
Sneak Snake
Sneak Snake Green is even sneakier
I left the core chicken unchanged because this piece has a lot of details
Under the Spotlight
I intentionally made this version very flat because this gets monotonous, though this one is very monotone.
Face Me Fowl Fiend
I feel this is missing something but I still like it
Honorable mention for Gentlefowl and Stand Tall, but doing 9 seemed excessive... Actually this is the 9th anniversary so here's those ones too.

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March 16, 2018

Green Hat and Scarf

Title says it all. Any questions?
March 10, 2018

Dessert Wanderer

A terrifying world of giants, but it was one that the bird would continue to wander... As soon as he ate the massive strawberry before him.
March 08, 2018

Face of Terror

A long (by bird standards) life was about to end. Mere days remained. Perhaps only hours. A storm raged outside. Wisps of smoke billowed from the dying life's beak. It was decided. This life would soon end, but so would the old farmer's.
March 04, 2018


He had trained for many years, and now as night fell and they were about to face true danger he was prepared.
March 01, 2018

Light in Darkness

Only in the darkest night can light truly shine. Knowing these words the shining fowl delved deeper and deeper into darkness, showing the way forward to all it passed.