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Chicken Maker
July 31, 2012


Layers of circles appear to make you understand that Art. Understood?

RPG: Combat

Hello, I am going to talk a bit about the way my game's combat system works, but first I'm going to say that I really like this picture and will definitely be keeping it in the book, assuming I can get the layout to cooperate.

So, the combat system in Chicken Heroics is pretty simple. You roll your attack and try to beat the target's defense roll. If you fail then the next person goes. If you succeed then it reduces the target's defense so he's easier to hit next time. Once he can't defend at all you need to hit him once more to knock him out of the fight.

I purposely didn't call being defeated as death, but I'm not sure if that's good. It basically means the only way to be killed is in a Total Party Kill or by GM fiat. Perhaps I will add the option to finish off a target who has been knocked out of combat.

Also do these articles about my project bother anyone? I mean I could just continue quietly working on it without saying anything if they do.
July 28, 2012


This is a rooster. That is to say it's a male chicken. Really I just wanted to make some tail feathers and those are one of the real defining characteristics of a rooster.

Mmm... I want to say something deep, but I've go nothing.
July 25, 2012

Teeth Man!

I read this. And it said some things I don't care about. The key bit is that Chickens can theoretically grow teeth. So, here I drew a lunatic chicken with teeth. Does he look insane? I really tried.

Eye Color

For this piece I decided to copy a move from some old cartoons. That is not having whites of the eyes. Now, I've done that before, but I decided to even do the glint in the eye as just blank space. This helps to give this piece a slight shift in appearance from my usual style.
July 20, 2012


Sorry, I drew and meant to post this yesterday, but it got held up.
Anyways, Curls here is a bit of a fatty. He's got those little 3-looking squinting eyes ans everything, so you know he ain't cool.
July 17, 2012


This is a mutant from the bad future caused by The Occurrence in the year 2013. A simple chicken has mutated into something terrifying that can burn down not one, not two, but three sky scrapers.

Remember, much like wildfires, only you can prevent The Occurrence.

RPG: Paper Miniatures

Paper miniatures, that you can fold up and use right on your table have always been something that I favored. They're cheap and they seem like something that ought to be included with something like Chicken Heroics, though the game doesn't actually have rules for using minis and a map so perhaps I'll add those in. At least some basic rules. I mean I'm inclined to use them for the exploration part of the game even if they aren't important for the combat.

At any rate this was my first draft of a chicken paper mini, so it still has to be tweeked a bit.
July 14, 2012


This piece was made entirely using the free-form select tool and the delete button. Well, i dumped the canvas to black first, but that's hardly important. So, please enjoy this experiment on my behalf.

Please Don't Die

He looks like he's going to kill you, but really he's just hoping you don't get yourself hurt too badly. He pleads, "Please Don't Die!" as he attacks you.
July 12, 2012


This piece uses the number 777 as a numerological motif, by taking seven as a sign of luck. It then proceeds to incorporate another sign of luck into itself by pulling in a four leaf clover design. The bright green color comes to emphasize the joint nature of luck the two symbols represent. Aside from that this is the artist's usual style with it's faults and flaws.

Connect the Dots

So, some spammmail told me to make a chicken with as few points as possible. I assume he means like a connect the dots, but what do I know. If he mean like teeny tiny then I have that one that's 9 pixels around somewhere. Using colors might be cheating. Please tell me what you think of this when you see it challenger.

July 11, 2012

Three Point Strike

The terrifying three point strike. It starts facing down, then a flip back and a swirl to face the enemy again. It is a powerful technique known only by an ancient order of monks high in the mountains of Nevada. Unfortunately despite knowing it they cannot seem to find any chickens with the self control and mentality to learn the martial art. And being simple human monks they certainly can't do it themselves.
July 10, 2012

Red Eye For This

I was drawing this and I said, "Are you ready for this." Then I went, "Oh ho. Red Eye for this." So I dumped the eye red. You're very interested in this inspiring tale of daring-do I'm sure.
July 08, 2012

Swords and Wands

I have always been willing to just go ahead and give the characters on this site things that they have no real way of using, like swords. (I actually haven't done it in longer than I thought.) This has led to a few jokes about everyone obviously being psychic. They don't have hands so how do I presume they hold these things. Stuff like magic wands is actually more acceptable, since they could obviously be doing it because they're magic.

Anyways with that in mind I started writing a short side-bar for my RPG to remind people that it makes no sense to give their chicken a sword.  They need like, some cowboy spurs. I made magic rings instead of wands, since to me it made more sense. Weapons are defined in a pretty vague manner in this game so there's nothing really stopping them from making up whatever weapon they want. I just wanted them to think about it. 

But then I realized that that was silly. Magic Swords are what fantasy is all about. How would you know the farmer is a farmer if he wasn't holding a pitch fork? Is a dapper gentleman as dapper if he doesn't have a cane? Obviously they tuck them under the wing like this viking did or hold it with their mouth.
This picture was an attempt to make someone who looked properly armed and ready for things. I like the look of that little secondary beak horn thing, but he is way under-armed and the perspective made it awkward to draw in things like armor.


Previously we tried something new. Now we're doing it... AGAIN! This time it's not new because I already did it once.
July 07, 2012

4 Color Band

The four colors band together in chicken form to bring about the end of it. What is it you ask? The lack of color in the last couple posts. That's what it is.I know what you're thinking. Why did I use Purple instead of Yellow. The answer is... I didn't think about it until I was writing this. I'm going to claim it's because yellow doesn't show up as well on white.
July 06, 2012


This is a chicken skeleton and I am never going to draw another one. At least I have no intention of doing so at this point. I wouldn't have drawn this one if I didn't want to say...


Bird skeletons really do resemble dinosaurs.
July 05, 2012

Chicken Heroics: The Chicken Maker RPG

Chicken Heroics is something I've been working on for a while now. It is a tabletop RPG where everyone is a chicken. It uses piles of coins instead of silly things like dice. (sorry HeatonOh, and the fantasy setting has gods like Cluckthulu and a Tyranosaurus. Knew I'd find a use for that generic fantasy setting.

Anyways this is a picture of the current version of the cover. I'm just posting something so I won't be able to back down later. I've already been working on it for more than a month in secret so I don't expect I will, but you know.

This is going to be a for sale product, but I'll be posting things on here anyways. It's no fun if you don't go at it full force, after all. Don't suppose I can get some questions or passive interest in this. I mean I hardly shared anything about it after all.

This was my original drawing of coins, but they just weren't good enough. Art that I decided wasn't good enough to sell and threw out of that is good with you guys right? I mean if I don't post it it'll just get thrown out.

Scrawl Some More

I just feel like when I do things my usual way I'm being lazy. To not be lazy I do something else. To do something else I go off the wall. When I go off the wall it looks like I was just scribbling, which is way lazier.
July 03, 2012


This guy is all swishy. Or rather he's plain and kinda boring, but the background it kinda swishy. I think he looks pretty good though regardless.
July 01, 2012

Dull Dark

This is a dull piece. He is quite Dull, and Dark. He was mainly made for the purpose of making sure I post something the evening of the first. An Emergency Chicken thrown our a bit before the emergency. Honestly though he's probably good enough to be general purpose.