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Chicken Maker
July 08, 2012

Swords and Wands

I have always been willing to just go ahead and give the characters on this site things that they have no real way of using, like swords. (I actually haven't done it in longer than I thought.) This has led to a few jokes about everyone obviously being psychic. They don't have hands so how do I presume they hold these things. Stuff like magic wands is actually more acceptable, since they could obviously be doing it because they're magic.

Anyways with that in mind I started writing a short side-bar for my RPG to remind people that it makes no sense to give their chicken a sword.  They need like, some cowboy spurs. I made magic rings instead of wands, since to me it made more sense. Weapons are defined in a pretty vague manner in this game so there's nothing really stopping them from making up whatever weapon they want. I just wanted them to think about it. 

But then I realized that that was silly. Magic Swords are what fantasy is all about. How would you know the farmer is a farmer if he wasn't holding a pitch fork? Is a dapper gentleman as dapper if he doesn't have a cane? Obviously they tuck them under the wing like this viking did or hold it with their mouth.
This picture was an attempt to make someone who looked properly armed and ready for things. I like the look of that little secondary beak horn thing, but he is way under-armed and the perspective made it awkward to draw in things like armor.

1 comment:

  1. I'd just like to point out that the Viking Chicken has a background, because he's STANDING IN FRONT OF A SHIP!
    So those folks who say you don't do backgrounds are just, like, wrong.