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Chicken Maker
February 28, 2010

Pixel Crest

Well, I decided that I should try working with individual pixels, since it's been a while since I last did that. Midway I decided it ought to be a crest. Satisfied with my work I zoomed out and saw the small piece in the upper left. After a bit of consideration I decided to include an enlarged version when I posted it.

Dot Chicken

This chicken was put together on top of an arrangement of black dots. It was inspired by the fact that someone said Lite-Brite. I saw that and said to myself, "Lite-Brite? My friend had one of those." Then I put together a series of black dots like where the pegs would have gone. After that I used the "Paint Bucket" tool in MS Paint and just took a whack at it until it looked about right. I particularly like how the feet came out.

On an unrelated note my 'B' key is sticking. 
February 27, 2010

Focal Point

The focal point of this picture is emphasized by the neon outlines of the features.  The neon outlines bring the image into a much shaper focus than if they had been placed directly on the dark background. The background itself, of course, makes using a black outline impossible, as it would blend directly into the background. The image shows high energy while at the same time maintaining a sense of distortion brought about by the inverted construction.
February 25, 2010

Farm Sentai Chickenger

Today I've got a new original Power Ranger. He is the Brown Chicken Ranger. I styled him after the good old Power Rangers that were on TV when I was a kid, and are strangely enough being re-shown this year. Now I imagine he is the kind of Ranger that shows up half through the series and is way stronger than everyone else.  I mean that or the leader, but the leader's red. You can't mess up the formula like that after all.

His mighty Chicken Zord transforms into a powerful weapon, giving the Mega-Zord of his series a new finishing move so the show can pick up a bit of unpredictability. You know, so you can wonder what move they'll use to finish off the giant monster.  For that matter the Chicken Zord is probably strong enough to make a kill on its own. You know, like the Dragon Zord was.

The title is a reference to the Japanese Original, Super Sentai, which titles it's shows as follows: Noun Sentai Something-ger (for example the original power rangers was made using footage from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, which translates, roughly, to Dinosaur Squadron Beast-ranger) I mean Power Rangers: Subtitle just doesn't have as much force. Also gratuitous English is cool in Japan(perhaps you noticed the English word Super) sort of like how French is sexy in America.
February 24, 2010


Ahem. This piece, known as Curvature, is based on the effects of perception. While the image at a glance appears to be of a rather basic chicken on further observation it it obvious that the strokes used in the creation are not where one would initially suspect. The unique stroke placement gives an appearance that isn't immediately noticeable, but lets it stand out among the various pieces.
February 23, 2010

Through Fire and Flames

Well, I finally got around to another post, but unfortunately This thing hates me again and both refuses to display my image at true size or let me into the Edit HTML thing so I can do it myself. Also it no longer links to the picture but to my Google Album, which it has been doing for a while but I didn't care about because it was shown properly on the site. Now that I'm done whining about things I will talk about today's art.
This is a chicken with some sharp yellow eyes striding through fire and flames. And, if you look at the fire and flames, you will see the silhouettes of two other chickens within the fire. They represent those who he's had to abandon and he must be resolute in his decision to keep pressing forward.

EDIT: Managed to fix the size. Thing is mean to me...
February 19, 2010


This is what you might call a kitty cat. I know it's a bit outside of my usual here but I felt like I had to post up something. I mean I didn't post anything all week. So anyways as I was saying. This nice orange kitten has some dull yellow claws because that's the color animal toenails are, more or less. So, I'll try to get back to chickens ASAP.

February 15, 2010

Chicken of Zelda

Skipped out for the weekend out of laziness but here we are with a twofer. It's doubling up on the Legend of Zelda. Yeah, I know I'm on a bit of a video game kick but I mean why not. It's not like it's hurting anything. Anyways in Legend of Zelda there's a bunch of chickens. They serve a few purposes, such as inexplicably letting you glide.

But my personal favorite thing is that if you attack one it'll get angry and fight back and if you keep in up, at least in the older ones, the screen would swarm over with them and you would die. That's what's happening on the right side of this one. The left is Chicken-Link thinking about it. Now in my imagination Chicken-Link is one of the chickens that swarmed Human Link.
February 12, 2010

Kickin' Chicken

I haven't done an animated GIF or messed with Flash in a while so I made this fine animated chicken kicker. I like that chicken. He's more stylized and I notice I didn't give him a waddle, but he's still got a good look.

This one is inspired by kicking chickens in Fable. It was my favorite part of the games. I never really played them through but my friend had it and it was a grand way to have some fun.
February 11, 2010


I'm not entirely sure what the idea here is but insofar as I know the Chicken has been killing off his foes and now he's the only one left. He's troubled and not sure where to go from here now that all of his foes have fallen. There was a  limit to the number of chickens he could take down and now he had dealt with all of them.

Also what do you think of that block text. It took me a while to design. I was a bit uncertain on the L and T but they came out pretty good.
February 09, 2010

Yeah, what?

Well, another day and another chicken. I mean it's really just common sense that it was time for another one. This one I made using the more traditional and extreme color palette of (255, 000, 000) Red and (255, 255, 000) Yellow on a background of (255, 255, 255) White with some (000, 000, 000) Black outlines to give the whole thing some definition. I feel that it failed in the eyes but that the rest of it was quite good. I really go need to work more on the legs and feet and stop just cutting them off of the image like I do.
February 07, 2010

Nothing Special

Look... today... I got nothing. I've been trying but nope. So what we have here is a chicken. It's very much a chicken. That's basically all it has got going for it.  It's in some nature, look at that blue sky and green grass.

So yeah.
February 05, 2010

The Flame Dies

This chicken's passion has burnt out. His eyes have dulled and he feels like there's nothing left, but he's wrong. He knows it's on its way. He's ready and determined but doesn't understand why. The spark of his heart is there, just waiting. Eventually it will ignite. The flames will grow... His passion will burn bright once again!
February 03, 2010

A Spy

This is a stealthy spy stealthing into some building so that he can spy on the spies who think that they're spying on him. He'd got mad spy skills, though really a spy should stand out less, but he likes being a spy so he comes in with full spy gear. He sometimes even paints his waddle but that gets itchy so he decided against it on this stealthy mission.
February 01, 2010

Eye Patch

This is a chicken with an eye patch.  I know. It's really clever, isn't it? Anyways as I was saying this is a chicken wearing an eye patch. I first made a large background chicken, then I made a second zoomed out and showing the other side.  I think it all came together for a fairly nice effect. I think it has a nice style. Now, I can't actually think of anything else to say so allow me to reiterate: Chicken with an eye patch.