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Chicken Maker
February 25, 2010

Farm Sentai Chickenger

Today I've got a new original Power Ranger. He is the Brown Chicken Ranger. I styled him after the good old Power Rangers that were on TV when I was a kid, and are strangely enough being re-shown this year. Now I imagine he is the kind of Ranger that shows up half through the series and is way stronger than everyone else.  I mean that or the leader, but the leader's red. You can't mess up the formula like that after all.

His mighty Chicken Zord transforms into a powerful weapon, giving the Mega-Zord of his series a new finishing move so the show can pick up a bit of unpredictability. You know, so you can wonder what move they'll use to finish off the giant monster.  For that matter the Chicken Zord is probably strong enough to make a kill on its own. You know, like the Dragon Zord was.

The title is a reference to the Japanese Original, Super Sentai, which titles it's shows as follows: Noun Sentai Something-ger (for example the original power rangers was made using footage from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, which translates, roughly, to Dinosaur Squadron Beast-ranger) I mean Power Rangers: Subtitle just doesn't have as much force. Also gratuitous English is cool in Japan(perhaps you noticed the English word Super) sort of like how French is sexy in America.

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