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Chicken Maker
February 23, 2010

Through Fire and Flames

Well, I finally got around to another post, but unfortunately This thing hates me again and both refuses to display my image at true size or let me into the Edit HTML thing so I can do it myself. Also it no longer links to the picture but to my Google Album, which it has been doing for a while but I didn't care about because it was shown properly on the site. Now that I'm done whining about things I will talk about today's art.
This is a chicken with some sharp yellow eyes striding through fire and flames. And, if you look at the fire and flames, you will see the silhouettes of two other chickens within the fire. They represent those who he's had to abandon and he must be resolute in his decision to keep pressing forward.

EDIT: Managed to fix the size. Thing is mean to me...