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Chicken Maker
April 30, 2015

Demonic Knight

He had trained for a long time, longing to gain a respectable position as a knight, but he was never really someone who would be able to achieve that. The bold rooster was knocked down, barely able to survive as a mercenary. When all was lost, standing along a sole survivor of the losing side he saw a spark and he took it. An offer was made to him, and while he might some day regret it he accepted what was given.

I forgot the most important part of this site. The part that truly does ignite my passionate soul. Being completely dry and serious as I do the absurd.

Detective and his City

He was one of the boldest detectives in town so he had been willing to take on the job. It would be the last one before his retirement. At least that was the plan. After tracking every lead and covering all of his bases he realized they had left months ago, and gone across the river into the City proper. His contacts there were all long gone. He was sure of himself but standing at the riverbank he didn't know if he would be able to track them down.

Simple Gent

You can tell this guy is a gentleman because of the monocle. His years of running a Broadway Deli also up his street cred, so long as he doesn't mention that it was a Deli
April 26, 2015

Color Picker

This is a small chicken. I wanted to make a little sprite with a small clear look to it. One of these I'm going to be making a full Sprite Sheet for, so if you guys have some feedback about which of these colorations looks best I would like to hear it. I think I like 2 or 5, though 1 and 4 seem better. 3 and 6 are different. I don't know if they're actually worth including.

April 21, 2015

Something About the Sky

Something about the Sky seemed off... He couldn't quite place it. Maybe it was the smog from the city?
April 20, 2015

Next Tomorrow

"Eh... I'll post something tomorrow"

Well you know what me... You didn't. And it's been a few tomorrows. And today is yesterday's tomorrow so Tomorrow will be today's tomorrow. So you know what. I'll post something tomorrow! I said I was going full out at the start of the month, and apparently I was lying to myself and all of the myself that looks at this site. Let's ignite my burning passion!... tomorrow.
April 14, 2015

Grassy Stride

This guy seems pretty cool, eh?

April 06, 2015

Old School GFX

So old school we aren't even spelling out the word Graphics today. Oh, this is an example of the blowing up your pixel art thing I was talking about the other day by the way.
April 03, 2015

Going Full Out

I considered doing an April Fool's gag but I decided against it. This month I wanted to go full out, so here is a display of thrilling combat between two mighty fowl. They have both trained to the pinnacle of power and now face each other in a powerful storm of their energies.