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Chicken Maker
April 26, 2015

Color Picker

This is a small chicken. I wanted to make a little sprite with a small clear look to it. One of these I'm going to be making a full Sprite Sheet for, so if you guys have some feedback about which of these colorations looks best I would like to hear it. I think I like 2 or 5, though 1 and 4 seem better. 3 and 6 are different. I don't know if they're actually worth including.


  1. I like 2 and 5 the best.

    :O if you make a full sprite sheet, can I use it to make a chicken side-scroller?!

    1. Of course you can. In fact if yo really do such a thing I would be happy to collaborate and provide additional resources, though that presupposes that you really do it and that I actually make a sprite sheet.

  2. I vote for 2 and 5.