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Chicken Maker
April 30, 2009

Oh, Angelic Woe

Here. It's a crappy angel chicken. There's no need to explain but I will anyways. He's got a halo with a headband to hold it there and little white angel wings taped to his back. The other chickens can tell he's an angel 'cause they don't have thumbs to put such a halo headband on.

April 29, 2009

Don't Worry. It's Dr. Chicken M.D

Don't worry. He's a doctor. I'm sure, because I drew him while I was watching House. That show's pretty nifty but it's got nothing on this serious hard line chicken He's got glass so you know he's smart. 

April 28, 2009


The internet informs me that if I want to get readers I need to be passionate. As such I drew this chicken who is showing his passion through a DBZ-style flaming battle aura.  I know. He's not that great, but I like him. He's cute with his simple design method.

April 26, 2009

Color Edge

I'm just experimenting with stylistic approaches. And no, I don't know why I give chickens blue eyes. Maybe I'm trying to humanize them subconciously and simply hadn't realized it. That seems plausible. 

April 25, 2009

Horror and sorrow

Martinez's expression as he experiences horible terror and sadness. When he finds his brother Joe has been prepared as fried chicken. The dramatic impact is exciting and forceful.


Stylistically this piece is a repeated pattern fading from red to yellow with sharp changes in direction, giving a slight impression that it was carved rather than drawn. While each individual chicken glyph was a mere copy paste they were arranged meticulously by hand.

Symbolically it shows that our lives progress in a steady flow from one spectrum to another, as shown by the changing color, without the defining elements ever really changing, as displayed by the standardized pattern. Even when things seem like they're turned upside-down something still stays to let you hang on to some stability

April 24, 2009

Future Imperfect

Well today's chicken is a hardline tough guy in an apocolyptic future I gave him an eyepatch, and a chain collar. Oh, and I gave him some mounted guns, cause nothing else really came to mind while I was workign on it and it seemed like it was missing something. I'm not sure what's wrong with the sun, but the desert of the future is littered with the bodies of his comrades.

April 23, 2009

Chicken + Fish = ?

Mermaids are sexy. Chickens are awesome. (and this entire site)  So I just put fish and Chicken together in hopes of something awesome and sexy. He's really more of a fish-chicken than a mermaid though. You know, like the monster from the black lagoon compared to a mermaid. Same basic idea but went a different way with it. It is half fish and half chicken.

This of course shows the absurdity of trying this without doing any sort of anthomorphism. After all the sexiness of the mermaid is top part. The fish part isn't what makes the mermaid sexy. The Fish makes it mysterious. This isn't awesome and sexy but rather awesome and mysterious. That's honestly just fine though. 

Mind I'm still not entirely sure what I got at the end here. Like I said it's more like a Fish-Chicken than a Mer-Chicken. Maybe I'll bring that former in eventually but for now I'll have to hold off on it since I haven't figured out how.

April 22, 2009

Quick One

It looks like a standing chicken with wings too long. And that sounds awful, but if you think of it as a chicken-themed super hero it seems way less awful... I actually just like it. I'm not entirely sure what it is or when I made it. It's just like the coolest.
April 19, 2009

Isn't it sad...

Okay... I'll admit. This one doesn't particularly look like a chicken. I was annoyed becasue I lost my mouse and attempted to MS Paint myself one but it somehow morphed into this cute little sad guy. Just look at those eyes. He looks like he's about to break out in tears. You can't help but to be his friend

April 18, 2009

Top Grade

This one is a hip young lad. Just look at his confident face and stlyish top-hat. Sorry for not posting anything for a while. You (non-existant) guys never even say thank you though so I guess you won't really mind.

April 14, 2009

Two Days too late

Here you go. I made it right now in like 30 seconds. I don't really have anytihng to say but I need to put something up every so often or else I'll forget the stupid thing I'm doing. 

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Ah yes. Easter is here again. A great time of year for candy and ham dinners.  Anyways I have gotten two things today. The first is, as I'm sure you can't tell, supposed to be a Peep, since it's easter and they're like chickens.  The other, seen to the right, is a little banner things I made.
April 11, 2009

What it is

This is one of those things where you look at it one way it's one thing and if you look at it the other it's something else, like the old lady/young lady thing that used to be on the back of the apple jacks. Now you see one way this is a screaming chicken and the other it's a Horse. You can highlight that to see what it is. I figure if you people I'm talking to existed you'd want to figure it out yourselves.

April 09, 2009

Wiping Away

In a rare move today Kaloo has posted a second update. Drawn sideways this piece shows a new example of his work. This piece, entitled Wiping Away looks rather nice to his untrained and extremely biased eyes. The brighter sections are swathes of the image with the darkness wiped away, revealing the regal red and yellow form.

It shows that when you wipe away the grime you will shine brighter, and that no mess can conceal what you really are. 

See, I can write like a fancy review of this nonsense


I like the way white on black looks for pictures. Gives you a nice effect that you don't really see when it's black on white. It makes it seem like I did way more work than I did. I just wanted to have a nice outline and I just thought it looked nicer inverted.
April 07, 2009


I once wrote a web-comic about a duck who happened to be a billionaire. I ran out of plots after a few months though and abandonned it. I still like the idea though. Anyways the guy on the left is said billionaire duck, though I realize now that I forgot his bow tie. The one of the right is our modern champion, a chicken. There's not much to say about him.

April 05, 2009

Our Lady of Chicken

Here we go. We've got a nice lady-type chicken. You can tell she's a lady because she has a bow on her head... and also the smaller uh... what-cha-ma-call-it. You know what they say. Anyways. A nice stylish chicken. I would have given her big ole eyelashes but they didn't look right when I tried.

April 04, 2009

Just Messing with You

I was just giving it another day to sink in... And heres what the turkey looked like before I used the fancy shmancy filters on it. I actually do rather like him.

Of course everything I said on April Fools was just a big ole joke. Of course I'm sticking to Chickens and MS Paint. The name of the site makes no sense otherwise.

I'm sure that all you nonexistant visitors got a big laugh out of it. 

April 01, 2009

Site Upgrade

This site will no longer be limited tby the constraints I arbitraritly put on it. There are two factors that had horribly limited the potential of this blog
The First is of course the Chicken. By limiting the site to chickens I limited the possible things that could be created. Looking to the left you see the far superior turkey. Just one of the many things that I can now look into using
Secondly I am no longer limiting myself to the biggest flaw. I speak, of course, of MS Paint. Using advanced programs like Photoshop and Paint.NET I can use effects that were nearly impossible using the primitive MS Paint.