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Chicken Maker
April 23, 2009

Chicken + Fish = ?

Mermaids are sexy. Chickens are awesome. (and this entire site)  So I just put fish and Chicken together in hopes of something awesome and sexy. He's really more of a fish-chicken than a mermaid though. You know, like the monster from the black lagoon compared to a mermaid. Same basic idea but went a different way with it. It is half fish and half chicken.

This of course shows the absurdity of trying this without doing any sort of anthomorphism. After all the sexiness of the mermaid is top part. The fish part isn't what makes the mermaid sexy. The Fish makes it mysterious. This isn't awesome and sexy but rather awesome and mysterious. That's honestly just fine though. 

Mind I'm still not entirely sure what I got at the end here. Like I said it's more like a Fish-Chicken than a Mer-Chicken. Maybe I'll bring that former in eventually but for now I'll have to hold off on it since I haven't figured out how.


  1. Awww... The Fish-Chicken is so cute!

  2. Chicken fish is indeed aces. He's still one of my favorites.

    1. kaloo, i have a lovely pet. its a chicken. I call her Cupcake. when i sai to my chicken:"lie, she do it! cool he! i like chickens an i have 22 of them! bye! :-)

  3. i like this site!:)how you can play a game?:(