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Chicken Maker
September 30, 2021

Artistic Stamping

 Please enjoy this art. The most complete of them all gets a splash of color.

September 29, 2021

Clear Form – September 2021 Wallpaper


Utilizing a clean and limited palette we show a clear form of the gray chicken. The slightly dull palette gives the piece a relaxed feel. The shadow and waves of the background give a sense of depth.

Thank you as always to my Patreon Supporters. Without them I wouldn't make these monthly wallpapers.

September 28, 2021


Sometimes I cackle instead of laughing and I consider that a bit of an issue. Anyways witches are the ones who are supposed to cackle. This one might be hemming and hawing instead though.

September 26, 2021

Fat And Happy

The fat and happy comic relief sidekick of your 90s action movie. He's rolling in with a box of donuts, eating them in leather jacket's suped up car as they rush to the scene of the crime.

Yeah, that sounds about right. By the end of the movie they're both involved in a high octane gun fight against an elaborate conspiracy involving the coffee shop he bought the donuts from and the chief who tried to take leather jacket's badge at the beginning of the movie.
September 20, 2021

Dark Place

We're coming at you from a dark place with this piece. Probably an early 90s action movie where the main character has sun glasses, a leather jacket and plays by his own rules.

Of course in the real movie he would be paired with the fat comic relief for a quality buddy cop experience.

September 16, 2021


Flying through the stars in the rickety spaceship the crew had to use their full focus to avoid the massive alien chickens falling through space. In context this is obviously the best Galaga knockoff. No lasers, because there's no need for violence.

September 13, 2021


Well, this is a new face shape. Gives me that kid's show feeling with the large head, thick outlines and tiny eyes.

September 11, 2021

Random Palette

Five random colors. Do an art. I watched this YouTube video and I thought "That seems fun" so I did it too.

September 09, 2021


With a flash of great foresight the wandering chicken predicted the actions of the axe-wielding warrior who approached it. Unfortunately this didn't grant it any greater reflexes to dodge the wide swing.

September 08, 2021


The humble bat could only look on in confusion as a sleeping chicken shares the bar it was resting on.

September 04, 2021


Caventure. An Adventure in a Cave. Climb cliffs and search for mysterious glowing mushrooms while wearing a cute hat. It's a staple of all adventures, or at least MMORPGs.