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Chicken Maker
November 30, 2014

Passionate Colors

Those sparking eyes show that the chicken still believes there is a path forward.
November 29, 2014


A plump wizard utilizes the full force of his mystical powers to find the tastiest fowl in all the land.
November 27, 2014

Clever Disguise

This clever disguise will keep him safe for at least several days, possibly a week or two.

Happy Thanksgiving
November 25, 2014

Green Energy Being

Sticking to the Green Chickens, today I showcase an Energy Being. These not-quite-gods that show up in every scifi show that runs long enough are always interesting. What sort of goals will they have? From StarGate's Ancients to StarTrek's Q Continuum these characters tend to show up to cause trouble, fix the plot, or not at all.

November 24, 2014


A rare physical work from the illustrious Chicken Maker. He's green because I haven't got any little paper squares in white, grey, brown, black, beige, toupe, or any other neutral color, except of course Buff, but I had to use that for the beak.

Also apparently the Blogger android app is broken. I couldn't upload this post with that. Thought this posted a couple days back. Sorry everyone.
November 18, 2014

Cold Already

It's already cold out so I wanted to do a winter chicken. It was strangely difficult for me to avoid the holiday stuff, but I'm certainly not doing any of that before Thanksgiving.
November 15, 2014

Intense Moment

I just wanted this to look as intense as it could. the head form couldn't get enough oomph, so I made it a near-black shadow. The eye carries a strong glare. Dunno why it's blue. I default to blue, even though it's not really a chicken color. I think it did a pretty solid job as far as that goal goes.

And it slid in before midnight...
November 12, 2014

Chicken Heroics Expansion In Progress

I have started on quite a few follow-ups to Chicken Heroics and finished... Almost nothing. I have 3 or 4 half written things on this hard drive. Clearly the issue is that I'm not telling you guys. Once I say I'm doing it I feel like I need to finish. This short expansion is focused on magic, because my explanation of magic in the core book was like a paragraph. Also because Roosters and Rituals seemed like a good title. I can flesh it out to a 4-8 page booklet no problem. Make up some new rules. Add some new spells. It'll be sitting pretty.

Hunt And Peck

This guy has a much nicer desk than I do, which is just rude since he can't even type properly. I mean he uses the ole' Hunt and Peck method.
November 10, 2014

Can't Smart Phone

If you were a chicken you wouldn't be able to smart phone. Putting aside your lack of fingers and hands these modern capacitive touch screens are picky. I mean I have issues with them because I have a few calluses on my fingers
November 04, 2014

Chicken in One Click

Long ago on this site I drew a whale that I called "Chicken in Two Clicks." Well, here's a chicken drawn in one, and as a bonus it even looks like one. I covered up a lot of mistakes with the Gritty Sharpness shading...Now, I won't tell you it's my bst work, but it isn't bad. With I'd done more with those tail-feathers, but I couldn't exactly do any touch-ups without defeating the purpose.
November 03, 2014

Calming Sun

The Calming Sunset comes down as the calm hen waited for her love to return.

This is much more relaxing than what I posted last week.