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Chicken Maker
August 31, 2022

Sunny Day – August 2022 Wallpaper

For this month's wallpaper we have blue skies and bright colors. All of the clouds aren't that sunny, but the sky is blue and I'm feeling positive. Tomorrow will be a brand new sunny day. 

You may have noticed this is vertical. That's because this is my new phone wallpaper, but you can use it too if you want. I'll do a dark one next time I go for vertical, but that will probably be a while.

Thank you as always to my Patreon supporters. You can support me if you feel like it.

August 28, 2022


It's my birthday. Happy birthday to me.

August 24, 2022

Monk (sticker)

And here is our finally entry, the Martial Artist. I didn't want to use Monk, not out of a need to not match D&D, but because I like wuxia stuff and the monk is too specific for my taste. Not that many single word options though. Final Fantasy used Blackbelt and I saw a couple used something as vague as Expert. My reliable standby Dragon Quest used Martial Artist...

I went ahead and used the gold and red Shaolin colors on the chicken's vague gi though so that's vaguely acknowledging it I suppose.

With this, for now, this project is done. At least until I'm actually selling stickers.

August 23, 2022


Left, the direction of turning around in a video game, but you might think "Shouldn't you always charge blindly forward?" Sometimes you need to go back the way you came from though so you can use your new skill and unlock the path you passed by earlier.

That skill, of course, is drawing chickens in MS Paint. You should give it a try some time. 

August 20, 2022

Jester (Sticker)

For this one I put the chicken in the classic motley pattern, though in just Orange and Green in keeping with the limited color style of the 'fantasy sticker' series. I suppose Jester more or less matches to "Bard" in Dungeons & Dragons, but it's just a standard class in Dragon Quest.

I wanted to wrap up some of my outstanding projects, so let's go with this one. This still isn't the last one though, despite my claim from January when I posted the last one. I have one more that I'll post soon, but this project has mostly been marked by unfortunately long gaps.

August 17, 2022

Do Purple

Let's do Purple for this one. 

So, Red, Blue, Yellow and Purple(violet?) are done. No good reason not to finish out this "set" at this point I guess

August 14, 2022


To be clear this is a chicken, not a junglefowl. He's just going full Rambo as he moves through the nondescript green vines that probably aren't snakes.

August 09, 2022

Spray of Lightning

Today's piece is either self-explanatory or cannot be explained. Between the flowing sprays of the ocean and the forceful strikes of lightning we have the Spray of Lightning

 And with this we will not launch into a reliable Blue Period, and instead consider this part of the "series" started last month with Red Out

August 03, 2022


Here's a basic chicken to get the month rolling...



... Rolling...