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Chicken Maker
May 31, 2023

Rolling Hills – May 2023 Wallpaper

Rounding out spring with this lovely pastel portrayal of rolling hills. The soft roundness gives a gentle feel that can help you relax and drift off in your thoughts. Who can say where the path in life leads, but you should always enjoy the journey and wave to those you pass by. Of course we all know where this chicken's long winding path leads...

Straight to our Patreon. Thank you for your support.

May 30, 2023

Inner Self

Just because someone has a dull look doesn't mean they lack a vibrantly colored inner world full of exciting thoughts. But don't get confused, they might. Just that the lack of gaudy style doesn't prove it.

May 27, 2023


 From the traditional cave painting only one thing was clear. Back in caveman times giant chickens* roamed the plains and were hunted with spears.

*giant chickens are legally distinct from feathered dinosaurs

May 23, 2023

Swoosh Back

This is the pure Chicken Maker experience. Just something that superficially resembles a chicken on a vague color pattern background. This time it's a purple swoosh, which is also my meaningless default.

May 18, 2023

Cookie Chicken


I played for Cookie Clicker for a couple weeks. It's strangely addictive, but it's just a... weird indie horror game? You make cookies until everything is cookies, so here are some Chocolate Chip Chicken Cookies.

May 12, 2023

Slay the Beast – March 2023 Wallpaper

The brave knight faces off against the fowl beast of a bird, cloaked in the holy light of its blessed helm and shield. Will the courageous chicken overcome the odds and be a true hero or would its whole eggs-istence be for nothing?

You may notice this is for March... That's true and my bad. At least we're back on track now. May's wallpaper should come out in May.

Well, it's a bit late but thank you for your support as always.

May 11, 2023

Worn Down

Worn down and exhausted. Not even sure what's going on around you at this point. Is this a hard life or is a good life? Or is it a doodle? Some would argue doodle, but I take a firm answer that this is at least at the level of an art.

May 08, 2023

Game Boy Game

I'm going to make a Game Boy game. It's surprisingly straight forward these days so I think it will be fun. For me to make at least. The actual game I make will probably be some half-broken mess.

You won't hear any follow up on this for months, but I've needed to start a new project of some sort for a while and that's what I'm going with.

May 06, 2023


Today's piece was inspired by some old video game graphics I was looking at, where there were colored background, but the player was a single colored outline of a character that moved around in front of that. The tree being a nice pure vibrant lime green is all on me though. Don't get confused.

April 27, 2023

Digital Gridz – April 2023 Wallpaper

Here's this month's wallpaper. Bright green on black is the best and only style you ever need, and in the strange digital future we'll all be strange wireframe birds living on a grid. Or multiple gridz, with a Z because it's the future. As I've secretly revealed many times any random string of numbers in the background always just spells chicken. Don't tell anybody.

Special thanks as always to my Patreon supporters. Please continue supporting me in the future.

You may have noticed I still never posted last months... I won't make excuses, but it's still half done so I'll get it posted eventually.

April 24, 2023

Blood Silhouette

I'd like to imagine this is a random screenshot from the middle of some spy movie's dramatic and stylized intro.

April 21, 2023

An Artist

Art is dirty work and it's inevitable to get a little dirty when you're working but... How did so much end up on this strangely confident rooster's tail feathers. What was he doing? It is a pretty piece though.

April 16, 2023

New Brown

The old brown was old so here's a new one. It's more red, but that's okay because brown is a whole gamut of colors from vibrant hard wood to mud.

April 12, 2023


Feeling kinda mopey, but not for any particular reason. Just sitting here, staring like a chicken drowning in the rain.

Which apparently isn't a thing? Smart enough to stop staring at the sky despite the widespread factoid.

April 09, 2023

Hatching Easter

Wait, these colored eggs aren't supposed to hatch.

Happy Easter

April 08, 2023


A mysterious cloak. Who knows what sort of tasty animal is hiding under it. Perhaps a racoon or an iguana? Are those tasty?

April 03, 2023

Neon Bird

I always like this basic glowing neon effect. Just one glowing red eye because this one is getting ready to murder you.

April 01, 2023

Good New

The Good New! The Hot Thing! Clearly superior to the old gimmicks. This is the future.

March 31, 2023


I'm afraid I'm quite ill. I'll bounce back in no time I'm sure, but... Right now I just want to go back to sleep.

March 27, 2023

Splash of Not Color


Sometimes there is too much going on and you need a nice splash of gray to help you calm down and relax. Just enjoy some simple relaxation without too much clutter.

The contrast between the gray chicken and hyper-saturated chaos in the background really stimulates the mind.

March 21, 2023


Hey, listen up. This one's listening to music.

That's all I've got

March 17, 2023

14 Years of Chicken Maker

Everyone! It's Saint Patrick's Day and more importantly the anniversary of

In the past year I did a few things but I absolutely did not make a coffee table book like I arbitrarily threw out last year. I'll set a more realistic expectation, like a pamphlet, for this year.

 Let's run through the annual throwback and enjoy these green variants. Special mention to Green Vines which is obviously already green.

Hatching is full of expectations

The flair of a hyper-stylized Silhouette Kill is barely even violent

The "Fantasy Sticker" series was actually finished this year, but not with Jester.

Across Space and Space was a very color focused piece so making it just green was hard

Doing a twitter art prompt thing was fun, and this Candlelit Coven was my favorite part.

I was having fun with this and with piercing green pupils these are even Better Eyes

March 15, 2023


During the meteor shower a lone fowl escaped its coup and narrowly avoided the crash landing of a mysterious metal bird.In an instant the rooster's mind was connected to the vast knowledge of space and it achieve sentience. But will he truly be able to control the Mecha-Huhn and protect the Earth?

Mysterious robots deserve random poorly translated half German names. Of course by the end of the story it would surely have become the Mecha-Gebratenes-Huhnchen-Kaiser or something

March 14, 2023



This is adorable. The large head and small simple body come together to create a more juvenile form. Please understand that the roundness and incomplete coloring makes it resemble a child's drawing. All of that is to say this is cute.

March 13, 2023

Bird Life

This is a throw back? I was trying to do it with more of the reckless abandon that I had when this site had things like me creating 8 Chickens in 1 Hour. While this is below my usual arbitrary standards I think this is still too thought out for me to recapture this energy.

March 09, 2023

Field of Gray


Fields of Gray spread out under the wandering fowl's feet, while the gray clouds upon the gray sky hung overhead.

Part of the ongoing "2022" Monochrome Series. Just one more to finish out the rainbow. Though I guess actual grayscale wasn't really part of a rainbow.

March 03, 2023

Orange Shade

As light came through the darkness the bird's striking figure was the only thing that could be seen.

Continuing the monochrome series.

February 28, 2023

Weird Circle – February 2023 Wallpaper

This month we went with the twisting depiction of glowing magic circles, contrasted by a pair of wildly colored pastel fowl. Obviously this is a battle at the edge of a long forgotten dream and if things go wrong the consequences will be far reaching and unknowable.

Personally I'm siding with green. The other one's ideas are all upside down.

Special thanks as always to my Supporters at and

Without your donations I would... probably still randomly be making things on here, but not as often. And we're all having fun so more is better.

February 23, 2023


Lines and Shapes come together to give everyone a unique piece today.

You have the geometric colors and this firm and confident line work. Pleasantly scribbled if you ask me. And you do ask me, because you found this somewhere.

February 14, 2023


Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you spent it with someone you like.

February 11, 2023

Chicken of the Bog

The humble and extremely poisonous Chicken of the Bog mushroom, not to be confused with the more popular Chicken of the Woods, cleverly hides in the swamp, only it's red comb visible. It can be distinguished by it's toadstool shape, distinctive face-like pattern. When trying to distinguish it from similar mushrooms just remember that if the eyes blink you should run away.

Is this one too weird? I just assumed I already had a mushroom of some sort and this is just what came naturally when I tried to make one.

February 09, 2023

Cuppa Ko-Fi

Hey everyone. We have a second platform set up if you want to support and my arbitrary request that you give me a dollar. You can now support me on Ko-fi at

Their belief that they're a tip jar aligns more closely with how I use the service and it provides a straight forward one-time donation rather than exclusively following the subscription model. At some point I might use some of the other features, but not right now.

If I was smart I'd have made this a preview for an exclusive post, rudely covered up by the cup to incentivize people to give me a dollar, but I'm a fool and this is actually just the whole thing. 

If you're already on Patreon the two sites will get the same monthly exclusive posts and Wallpaper WIPs going forward. Change forthcoming for how supporters are displayed on the site but for now it will probably just be a removal of the word "Patreon"

Also repurposing the previously removed tumblr social chicken as Kofi.
February 07, 2023

Green Vines

This piece obviously contains only mundane vines and absolutely no snake.

Picking back up on this monochrome series from the summer we have our Green entry.

February 05, 2023


Obey the empty eyes staring at you. The bird had no mind left, if it ever had one to begin with. Caught within the swirl the only thought that can cross your mind is... "Cock-a-doodle-do it!"

February 01, 2023


Not a soldier, but as a statue it is objectively more solid than any ghost that might be haunting it.

January 31, 2023

Abyssal Cluck – January 2023 Wallpaper

Welcome to the first wallpaper of 2023. As always I have to give a special thanks to my supporters on Patreon. We'll jump right into it.

Every day the unfortunately fowl sank deeper and deeper into a murky sea-like abyss. Slowly it was overtaken by the shadows of self-doubt and forces that were undoubtedly not its self at all. The rooster still crows, but on the inside is the existence behind the clucks even a bird at all?

January 25, 2023


I'm really feeling the scribble look right now... Even though it looks less finished and takes longer than just making clean lines and shapes

Going back to my roots for this one. You just need cool shades.

January 22, 2023

Year of the Rabbit

Welcome to 2023, Year of the Rabbit.

This is more of my normal Easter chicken, but I didn't have the enthusiasm to give Zodiac Pals another go.

January 20, 2023

Tiles – December 2022 Wallpaper

This wallpaper has a very simple concept. A bunch of random chicken cards that look around perfectly. I decided on a slightly embossed single color look, though I considered mixing in some other colors like silver before deciding on the consistent palette. the drop shadows and slight "raised edge" effects on the cards give this piece some much needed depth.

Here is the final wallpaper of 2022. I know I took a few extra weeks but the January one won't be too far behind. Thank you as always to my supporters on Patreon. Without their support I probably would have wandered off and started doing something else by now.

January 17, 2023

3 Scrawl

The first scrawl is mostly chicken shaped. The second scrawl is like shading. The third scrawl is kind of superfluous, but maybe we can call it depth.

January 12, 2023

Mysterious Knight

The mysterious knight was identified only by his distinct Chicken-Themed Helmet. The true identity was entirely unknown. Hmm? No, of course it isn't a giant chicken. That would be ridiculous. It's just a man in a chicken helmet.

January 09, 2023

Better Eyes


I'll admit the eye on the last one looked kind of odd. These ones seem better.

January 05, 2023

That Look

The large black eye contained no fears or doubts, but did it even contain any humanity? No, of course not. This is a chicken.

January 01, 2023

New Year Glow

I know it's mid-afternoon instead of midnight, but I still want to wish us all a Happy New Year. I don't really have a resolution, but let's generically do our best :)

This neon glow is firework adjacent.