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Chicken Maker
February 28, 2011

How to Electricity

In my continued efforts to improve the trivially useless knowledge of my fanbase I have decided to teach you how to find the equivalent impedance of an RLC Phasor circuit.

As everything is in series we can just add them all together. so, Z(L1)+Z(L2)+Z(R1)+Z(R2)+Z(R3)+Z(C1)=Zeq. Now the Z of a R is just R so that simplifies down to R1+R2+R3+Z(L1)+Z(L2)+Z(C1). Now the Z(C)=1/(jωC ), where j=(-1)^(1/2). Or if you recall from algebra it was often called i. Square root of -1. That's why electricity's imaginary. Similarly Z(L) = jωL.

So the final Equivalent resistance is jωL1+jωL2+R1+R2+R3+(1/jωC1)
Oh yes. And ω is 2π f, where f is frequency.

There. This site is now educational. Haven't been filling the quota since I ran out of alphabet.
February 27, 2011

Dot Connect

This is my indepth social commentary... On Connect the Dots. Almost looks like a chicken, doesn't it?
February 25, 2011



His striking mohawk. His majestic beak. The shining lime green eyes. The sharp wattle. Clearly he is a prime specimen of the chicken race. And so he arrives with a wonderful sound effect.

Gritty Nerdness

Those are not sunglasses. They just look like sunglasses due to sheer grittiness.  You see the gritty part overwhelmed the nerd part to make him look slick and cool and cool and slick. But his glasses are still notably square, and he's pretty scrawny. This guy couldn't punch out nobody.

And a huge thanks to the MozerSmozer next to me. Really helped me wordin' this post. He needs a website.


I've always been pro-hat. Hats are cool and an easy way to add individuality to a more-or-less uniformed group. So I decided o draw a chickn with a blue hat and shaded eyes. Honestly this picture is average at best and if I still bothered to maintain a set of back of pictures this would probably be in it, but I'm feeling a lot of posts in the next while so you're getting it and whatever else shows up tonight. Anyways what do you call that sorta flat-topped hat. For some reason Grenadier's Cap is what comes to mind but I'm not sure that's right.
February 21, 2011

Chains of Fate

Long he stood bound but as he was thrown into a place he couldn't bear to see his life take he broke the chain of fate. Now he can flee. Mind you this is an entirely metaphorical chain. He still had to kind of twist about and get it off of him though. But he can guide his own destiny.
February 19, 2011

Shades McCoolguy VI: White Victory

This is the end of Shades McCoolguy's 2nd Trilogy. Which I have been referring to in my own head as "The Black And White Trilogy."
Shades McCoolguy burst in on the Church's leaders. He was calm. He'd been insulted but he had no fear or burning rage. The cool anger in his eyes was hidden by his glasses. He couldn't really be expected to forgive them. They had caused him too much trouble. Shades forgave them once in the past. He couldn't do it again.
Shades McCoolguy struck down his foes. He couldn't let the heads of the group live. He let the subordinates live. After all they were just following orders. These guys caused the trouble for the ones living here. It was there fault and he couldn't forgive them. Still, as he walked away, unstained by their blood, it was clear that he had saved everyone around. 
He was finally ready to head back home. He couldn't keep hiding out in the country. He would return to his office and start taking cases again.
February 18, 2011

New Style

Sorry Sorry. Kinda flopped out this week. I drew some stuff but I couldn't think of anything to write, so it'll probably all come out in a big pile. I suppose that's just as good right? Or would you guys prefer some little crappy one line posts? Serious question. For future reference.

Anyways while I was drawing I experimented and drew up this one. It's from something I generally think of as an awkward angle. So, I decided to force myself to use it. But actually the chicken came together quite well, though it doesn't have any wings. They looked atrocious so I left them out. Also the clouds and grass. I think they look nice. They're my favorite. The clouds that is. It's a good cloud style that blends well with my work, on a general level. Anyways The right foot is a bit too uneven, especially compared to the left one.

So, yes.
February 14, 2011
Happy Valentine's Day. If this isn't romantic enough I'm sorry I used Romance a few days ago and I haven't got another one of those ready just yet. Giant stylized heart with a chicken will just have to do. Now print it out and give it to your loved one.

If you actually did that then I would probably have to laugh at you. Just sayin'
February 13, 2011

Super Deformed

This chicken is Super Deformed, which is totally different from chibi. Chibis are, you understand all curvy. SD is just you know... Less proportioned. And this guy's tough as nails. You could punch him in the face, but I he's got a point face so it'd probably hurt.

He's could get in a fight! Probably with some sort of pig. Pigs seem like a reasonable standard enemy for chickens, right? I kinda need to establish one of those. That kind of thing is useful from a certain perspective.
February 12, 2011

Well, I've been thinking about it for a while, and I wanted a real web address(as opposed to the current BlogSpot sub-domain) and while my first choice was that has been under the control of a string of strange and sorta awesome websites. From "Cherry Delite" to "Capn Jeff's Potato Salad" to it's current form, the "Michigan Dairy News Bureau"

And while I'd love to be the next site in that string of sites I've missed the shot when it became available, so I settled for my alternate choice. We're gonna be a dotNet. Yes indeed. Now we're like a legitimate website. Maybe I should drop the CamelCase?

Well, at any rate I've claimed a spot of the interweb! Yeah, I said interweb. It's time for a celebration I say. Celebration! Shame I didn't line this up with something like my 500th post,(481st!) but well, I wanted to do it now. Actually I wanted to do it a while ago, but I held off. It's just not happening though. It makes me happy to do this sort of thing. Well worth my ten dollars.

Oh yeah. The internet said it may take up to three days before the address works for everyone. Links on the site will be updated shortly thereafter.
February 11, 2011

! The Hacker

   The Hacker, !, has planned a terrifying assault that defies all chickens. It very much threatens to upset the balance. As he plasters his mocking logo onto us, disregarding the very nature of this site!
   Now, I considered actually replacing the site with some variety of "You've been hacked" page, including that picture, but you know, I decided against it. It's not as if I have enough fans that it would have gone noticed. Probably would've just been a wasted effort. Also this is a chicken, just inverted(And very very stylized)

   This text actually fits this time :P 

   Oh right. If there really is a hacker going by "!" please don't be upset with me.
February 10, 2011

Pecking Evil by Moonlight

Pecking evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
Never running from a real fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon

Yeah. Could barely even make a variant on that one. I tried but it turned into a mess so just left it with the change on the first line. Forgive the golden hair. Just didn't look Sailor Moon-like enough without the yellow twin tails. At first I just gave her a red comb. (Which is still there, just recolored.) The eyes were hard, but I actually really like them. I may use them again in the future.

Challenge Complete!


Finally, his journey over, he reaches his home as the sun rises. And in the rising sun he sees the hen he'd loved as a chick. It is plain to see that she returns his feelings. A beautiful reunion!

Maybe I should have saved this one for Monday...
February 08, 2011

Shades McCoolguy V: Black Escape

Shades McCoolguy continues his latest battle. Shades McCoolguy will never die!
Shades McCoolguy had had enough. Even if the Church had gotten him bound now he certainly wasn't going to sit there and take it. It goes without saying that Shades broke free from his confinement. Tearing away the ropes that bound him he fought the mighty man left to guard him. Their battle raged on, but obviously the blindfolded Shades claimed victory. 
Throwing off the blindfold and took up the shades of his defeated foe. He had been a worthy adversary. None of the Church's henchmen dared to challenge him as he strode out of the room alone, burning with unchallenged majesty.
But he couldn't leave. Not yet. The Church had caused trouble for him and he could hardly be expected to let them go unpunished.
Prepare for the exciting conclusion just as soon as I create a variant powerful enough to convey his Victory.

Forward Falling

So what's up here guys? Am I over? I mean you guys haven't been talking to me lately. But well, I get distracted a lot so maybe you're just busy or I'm being boring.
And that's why I decided to let you guys know that if I am falling I'm going to face forward straight at the ground and if it comes down to it I'll crash facing forward!
Not that I intend to fall, you understand.
February 07, 2011


I decided to try to do something a little different today, so rather than a sharp smooth chicken I made one that was kinda scruffy.
February 06, 2011



It's too late.

We're almost out of time...

I ran and ran but all I found was you.

February 03, 2011

Straight Away

>A chicken constructed of many straight lines. 
>But really what is a curve but an innumerable number of straight lines. 
>And on a computer you can almost certainly number them. 
>It would just be a bit high, wouldn't it? 
>Well, for this one there's just 22, which isn't that many at all. 
>I suppose thats really all there is to it. 
>At least he's a happy guy 

>I'm not sure why I did the text like this... 
February 02, 2011


Those who meet him are stricken by absolute terror. His pale spiked comb shows with his might. The sharp beak leaves nothing in doubt, as he faces his foes with absolute force. His eyes though... The eyes let nothing be shown, but his soul glows bright, hidden under his guise.