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Chicken Maker
February 18, 2011

New Style

Sorry Sorry. Kinda flopped out this week. I drew some stuff but I couldn't think of anything to write, so it'll probably all come out in a big pile. I suppose that's just as good right? Or would you guys prefer some little crappy one line posts? Serious question. For future reference.

Anyways while I was drawing I experimented and drew up this one. It's from something I generally think of as an awkward angle. So, I decided to force myself to use it. But actually the chicken came together quite well, though it doesn't have any wings. They looked atrocious so I left them out. Also the clouds and grass. I think they look nice. They're my favorite. The clouds that is. It's a good cloud style that blends well with my work, on a general level. Anyways The right foot is a bit too uneven, especially compared to the left one.

So, yes.


  1. I like this chicken. She's got a good hard look. The scenery is nice as well. I actually like the little grass thingies (Dunno the english word) the best.

    Also, no, I prefer pictures with elaborate text at an inconvenient timing to chickens with one-liners that are on time.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow awesome. I really love the grass. it has an awesome effect. Oh and yes the clouds are very cool. I like that you've tried a new style. I really like this one. It may even rival my love for your young rocker chicken.