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Chicken Maker
February 11, 2011

! The Hacker

   The Hacker, !, has planned a terrifying assault that defies all chickens. It very much threatens to upset the balance. As he plasters his mocking logo onto us, disregarding the very nature of this site!
   Now, I considered actually replacing the site with some variety of "You've been hacked" page, including that picture, but you know, I decided against it. It's not as if I have enough fans that it would have gone noticed. Probably would've just been a wasted effort. Also this is a chicken, just inverted(And very very stylized)

   This text actually fits this time :P 

   Oh right. If there really is a hacker going by "!" please don't be upset with me.


  1. Awesome! Before I read the paragraph I was thinking "what if tomorrow this whole site is changed around? That would be awesome!" (to tie in with this post, not bc your site needs to change)

    Then you took the thoughts right out of my head :-)

  2. Ha!

    You make me want to draw stuff in paint.