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Chicken Maker
February 19, 2011

Shades McCoolguy VI: White Victory

This is the end of Shades McCoolguy's 2nd Trilogy. Which I have been referring to in my own head as "The Black And White Trilogy."
Shades McCoolguy burst in on the Church's leaders. He was calm. He'd been insulted but he had no fear or burning rage. The cool anger in his eyes was hidden by his glasses. He couldn't really be expected to forgive them. They had caused him too much trouble. Shades forgave them once in the past. He couldn't do it again.
Shades McCoolguy struck down his foes. He couldn't let the heads of the group live. He let the subordinates live. After all they were just following orders. These guys caused the trouble for the ones living here. It was there fault and he couldn't forgive them. Still, as he walked away, unstained by their blood, it was clear that he had saved everyone around. 
He was finally ready to head back home. He couldn't keep hiding out in the country. He would return to his office and start taking cases again.


  1. Woop yay :D
    He is a block of complete and total awesomeness!

  2. Wow. This shades McCoolguy looks like he took a long time. Love shades. Love your work.