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Chicken Maker
February 28, 2011

How to Electricity

In my continued efforts to improve the trivially useless knowledge of my fanbase I have decided to teach you how to find the equivalent impedance of an RLC Phasor circuit.

As everything is in series we can just add them all together. so, Z(L1)+Z(L2)+Z(R1)+Z(R2)+Z(R3)+Z(C1)=Zeq. Now the Z of a R is just R so that simplifies down to R1+R2+R3+Z(L1)+Z(L2)+Z(C1). Now the Z(C)=1/(jωC ), where j=(-1)^(1/2). Or if you recall from algebra it was often called i. Square root of -1. That's why electricity's imaginary. Similarly Z(L) = jωL.

So the final Equivalent resistance is jωL1+jωL2+R1+R2+R3+(1/jωC1)
Oh yes. And ω is 2π f, where f is frequency.

There. This site is now educational. Haven't been filling the quota since I ran out of alphabet.