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Chicken Maker
November 30, 2021


I felt we needed some more motion and wild positioning, and nothing justifies such nonsense more than avoiding fireballs. 

November 29, 2021


As the legs roasted to a tender golden brown the pan burst into flames. Born from the delicious ashes the phoenix crowed, destroying your oven.

November 24, 2021


The striped seafoam gives a clear feeling and that feeling... is very unclear. Baseball player? Escaped prisoner? Old timey train conductor? Any of these seem plausible. What is this outfit?

November 23, 2021

Agent Joe

Agent Joe, a member of an elite government-based poultry organization was deep undercover. Left with only a very questionable vest and shotgun would he be able to bring them to justice or even survive.

Let the mission begin.

November 18, 2021

One Art

If you would like an art feel free to download this PNG, because I would never offer you a JPEG except when I accidentally do which is almost never these days. They get all those fuzzy compression artifacts that might detract from the clean but muted colors of the piece.
November 10, 2021


Grr? Growling is I think not a bird noise, but it does reduce your opponent's attack power, which may give you an advantage when they unreasonably try bird-type sounds like cluck or crow.

November 06, 2021


I rarely draw a full body, usually just letting the bottom of the chicken fall off of the canvas so I can avoid my greatest enemy, the legs. For today's iconic piece though we have embraced the low-res nature of this site and made simple black stick legs.

November 04, 2021


This has strong decisive spray-can-based shading. Purple and blue squiggles make a lovely backdrop. This one is a bit ugly, but I kind of like it.

November 01, 2021

Blue Fade

Let us all fade out to a nice blue color. I like the faux-pastel look, but I always think the blue line-art looks strange, even though I see quite a bit of it when I idly browse the internet.