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Chicken Maker
January 31, 2016


I decided to focus on my core concepts today. And today that core concept is adorable. This is a use of the Rounder and Cuter style that I occasionally utilize. I threw in some anime eyes for good measure.

I also actually started on the coloring book. Like for real. Not sure if I should release that piecemeal or just wait to drop it all at once.
January 28, 2016


Does this guy look happy? I was aiming for Happy but I think I missed. He looks a bit vacant, but I think the nice design on the back made it a bit more cheerful.
January 24, 2016

Dark One

This piece is large but simple. The simple shapes are contrasted by the dull colors, mostly gray. The red eye makes this figure seem more... evil.
January 23, 2016

Action Pose

I like the way the darkness obscures the outline while the action line enhances it.
January 18, 2016


I'm going to make a coloring book. That seems like a fun idea. I thought I did that before but I completely forgot about it/couldn't find anything
January 10, 2016

Promo Card - Stealth Ace

Sorry, I forgot to include this in the recent collection. He's in an orange box to remind you that Stealth Ace isn't quite the master of stealth he would have you believe.
January 09, 2016

Stealth Ace Collection

I've always liked Stealth Ace since I first drew him on Christmas 2012. He's one of the few characters I've drawn multiple times. Most of the pieces I make are one-off things after all. So, as a special event I am releasing several new Stealth Ace pieces.

Mini Stealth Ace is an attempt to render Stealth Ace in a different style. I was mostly aiming for compact so the first thing was to throw away the outlines. Then I had to thin the eye quite a bit to fit it in here. Going small I didn't want to go all the way down to pixel art though. On that note...

Stealth Ace Pixel is a small sprite sheet for a theoretical Stealth Ace game. I don't really plan to make one, but maybe. I would probably need to add more animations if I did. The rows are Alternate Boxes(Green, Cardboard, Christmas, Shoe Box, Plaid and Metal), Reveal, Hide, Hop and a sort of vague Action. As a throwback I included both the original Stealth Ace and the not-Nike box from Stealth Spring.

Stealthing in the Dark is more an art piece than anything. Would you be willing to accept that this was someone peeking out of a box were it not part of the rest of the Stealth Ace Collection.

Finally after those minor spin-offs Stealth Ace 4 is the sequel to Business of Acing Stealth. After completing his corporate espionage work he simple dropped himself off in the mail room. Unfortunately the plane he was being air-mailed on ended up having a malfunction and dropping its packages in midair.

For anyone who isn't familiar with Stealth Ace here are all the Stealth Ace pieces in reverse publication order, though I actually referenced them all as we went through the post besides the Green one.
January 06, 2016


This isn't the elaborate thing I'm working on, but I had to get something out today. Boring colors are boring so I blended some more interesting ones. That thing is probably some sort of scarf. If there are no questions you can leave for the day.
January 01, 2016


*blow noise maker* Happy New Years or as you southern types say Happy New Years. Sorry for not posting this immediately at midnight, but I forgot to make it.