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Chicken Maker
October 30, 2023

Reflected Dream

The dream within the dream is a reflection of the self. Questioning reality as it shows a shocking sight. If the reflection in the mirror is nothing but an inverted bird, does that mean there's nothing to you but a chicken?

I like bright over-saturated colors.

October 29, 2023

October Video Shorts

This month I did less of these. Fundamentally I don't really think of these as actual content, but they are also a decent block of content when they're all in a pile.

So enjoy these video bonus chickens.

October 24, 2023

The Bird

Embrace the arts and get away from the practical. I'm really mixing it up here so this one is a chicken.

October 22, 2023

At a Party

I was once at a party. Perhaps that's just one of my many successes in life. Going to place and doing a thing is really all we can dream of in life.

October 18, 2023


Today's piece is titled "Blood"

It's inspired by inspiration. Pick a Color. Any Color. I picked red and that's the blood color. Also the Tomato color, but a chicken make of Tomato seems somehow more eerie than one made of blood. Imagine if I'd named today's piece Marinara...


October 15, 2023


Be a bird. Be a robot. Be everything you want to be in life.

It probably shouldn't be either of those ones.

October 14, 2023


The ticking of the clock was all that the chicken could here. Alone in the yard it simply waited. Nothing was coming except more waiting.

October 10, 2023


Please enjoy these fleshy parts of the bird's face. Also a beak is included for context. Excuse the massive eye.

October 09, 2023


Look at this chicken with her band t-shirt and a plaid shirt. This piece was inspired and requested by my coworker Claudia but I might have leaned a bit more generic punk than I intended

October 04, 2023


Presenting a chicken in its vaguest sense. The shape is vague, but the sprayed on colors bring some clarity and reveal that, as expected, it was a chicken all along.

October 01, 2023

September Video Shorts

Maybe I'll make these video roundups more often than monthly? I already have other things to post at the end of the month. How would I even title these though? 

Follow me on one of these video platforms if you want to.

Here's a blast of chickens I drew for random video content.