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Chicken Maker
December 25, 2021

Traditional Christmas End

Like every year we wrap up the holiday with the traditional ending.

I don't need to explain this image. You all know that the Christmas fowl rides upon his golden star, cutting his way through the red sky of dusk.

Chilly The Snow Chicken

Chilly the Snow Chicken is still a strong original character and not a clear parallel to any popular classic Christmas character.

Chilly the Snowchicken, was a savory happy soul~♪

December 23, 2021

Sick Again

Well, I have the covid. Pretty upset about it since it's just before Christmas.

Should still be good to get in some quality Christmas content for the site.

December 21, 2021

Face Over Shade


This face is very heavily shaded. The outline on the other side are perhaps not heavy enough to provide any sense of balance in the piece.

December 20, 2021


The essentials of distilled into a simple frame. Let your thoughts dwell of our words and remember that those words are simply "cluck"

December 19, 2021

Drawing with Children

I'm drawing with my nieces so between some other things let me slide in a quick chicken.

December 14, 2021

Grey Greeting

Under gray skies you can see a sad world, but sometimes even in that dull morose world someone gives you a cheerful wave.

December 11, 2021

Crossing Wings – November 2021 Wallpaper


They're crossing wings instead of crossing swords because they're birds.

Originally I considered the samurai scene where one is about to fall, but I think this piece has a clear stylistic look. And that look is an old beat-em-up video game. Not the extra shiny 80s artwork or the 8-bit NES style, but the essence of how I vaguely remember these things after decades have passed.

Thank you as always to my Patreon Supporters. Without them I wouldn't make these monthly wallpapers even if this one is a bit late.

December 09, 2021

Deep Holler (Remake)

Here we have a rare remake for one of my older pieces, titled Deep Holler. The changes are mostly just correcting proportions, cleaner linework and adjusting the framing. The microphone was an addition from the requestor, but it gives a bit more depth to the whole image. The soundwave/spiral  has a slightly warped/stretched quality, which I think gives it more impact compared to the precise ones in the original. Anyways, like I said on the original, it's not that deep.

I would often like to circle back since I think I've improved a lot over the years, but it's hard to know what a good thing to remake it since looking back on the site is just a combination of nostalgia and grimacing at my older pieces. I didn't have to think for this one though because this was a special request from one of my Patreon supporters. Thank you to Michael for the request.

It wasn't exactly part of the remake request, more just a step in the process, but I have a version with the elements in separate colors which I like the look of.

December 08, 2021


You may fear it, but this is the face of true evil. The deep red eyes peer through from within the endless bandage wraps.

December 04, 2021


The only true science happens when staring at mysterious liquids in flasks. Or maybe that's alchemy? No no. Alchemists have mysterious robes not round glasses.

I thought I posted this a couple days ago so that's my mistake.