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Chicken Maker
November 30, 2015

Just 4

I only posted 4 times this month? That's no good. I mean I know that I'm an adult with a real job and the dumb site I started in high school isn't my main focus these days but I expect better of me than that... It's not even like I'm too busy. I'm just doing some other time wasting thing.

So here's post #5 for the month.
November 26, 2015

Turkey Trot

They stood at the starting posts. Their eyes met. The important points were settled instantly. The winner would be the only one to get away safe today. READY. SET. GO!

I'm certainly not participating in any Thanksgiving morning run, but my sisters are, so let's go with that as the theme for this picture.
November 15, 2015

Cool Glasses - Promo Card

This tough guy has established his place in the city by leaving a twisting trail of destruction and salvation. Also check out those little guys fighting in the background.

This one is obviously inspired by Shades McCoolguy, who my old fans found exciting and I assume most of you have never seen or heard of. He had a brown jacket so I had to change the color of the border.
November 13, 2015


This site is now being reposted on Tumblr. I'm mostly going to ignore that, of course.

Also the twitter is now posted using IFTTT instead of twitterfeed. I couldn't get IFTTT to connect to my Facebook page so that one I'm still posting using twitterfeed.

I think this works? I guess we'll find out pretty soon. If that is your jam go ahead and use it.

Promo Cards: Introduction

I am designing a set of small format cards to be used for promotional purposes. You know, like tossing a pile on a table at a university or mailing one to my Patreon backer.
This is the back of each and every card. It provides the important information that is the URL for the site. I'm not sure if something else should go on there, but for the moment that's all I could think of putting on there. I guess I could slap @ChickenMakerNet on there so people can find our twitter if that's their preference.

Every picture will be bordered with a nice little border. Like this. I'm not sure how I want that exactly, but I like this shape. I'll probably change the color and add some more detail.

 I'll probably try to convert some of my older pictures to this format for this project too. I really like this one, so I didn't want to not include it.

Also the Project Page had been updated. Been a while for that.